Let it Snow!

Well, do we have a choice?

It’s indeed snowing right now, just a little bit, and I’m waiting for C to ring from Fort Totten metro station so I can head down to our local one and pick him up. We were chucked out from work at 3:30 today because of the weather and I’ve been watching TV and surfing since (and therefore not exercising).

<An hour or so elapses>

My bread is not bad; we used it under the chicken which we cooked in the crock pot with spaghetti sauce and peas.


I would have been back sooner but I was trapped by ‘Project Runway.’ What is it about these Bravo reality shows that just gets me hooked when I detested ‘Survivor?’ I tried to ‘get into’ ‘Make Me A Supermodel’ but I never could, which is odd considering I’m building myself a reputation for being a silly superficial looks-and-hunks-obsessed typicoguy. Some of the models are cute and all but I just don’t get why one pouty pose is ‘fierce’ while another is ‘ich don’t think so.’

But I loved ‘Top Chef’ and ‘Runway’ mainly because the people are actually doing something, and IRami Kashou think I like Runway more because I don’t have to imagine what the clothing looks like the way I have to imagine what the food tasted like on ‘Top Chef.’ Rami Kashou, one of the designers on the show, doesn’t cut down on the appeal of it, either. He’s a Christian Arab Israeli from Jerusalem, where apparently there are many cultures. (Some will know what I mean, although actually there are and as a Christian Arab in a Jewish country he’s been a minority within a minority.)

Odd because there’s way more likelihood that I’d try something from TC than R; although I prefer Nigella Lawson‘s recipes over all that finicky stuff anyway, especially from her new show Nigella Express. She did a quick steak with mashed garlicky oil infused cannellini beans for a ten minute supper that I could die for, she ‘cheated’ and made instant chocolate mousse by melting chocolate and mini-marshmallows together, and she cooked scallops with chorizo in about four minutes.

Travails at Mon Travail

Do you think I should come out to my cubicle neighbour at work the super-liberal G? I think I will eventually. I feel I should – I’d like to relax at work more. Today started frazzled but ended well – apparently the hiring official from one of the jobs I applied for called my boss who gave me a good reference. I just hope that the rather high level clearance I may require in it doesn’t get hung up because of C not being a US citizen. There’s really no contest – he wins every time. There is also a deployablity clause for extended TDY to places like, well, you know. I guess I’d better not count my chickens before the eggs are even laid though, huh?

I also got an odd phone call from a head hunter from my monster.com resumé from a company called Kforce. I’ll return it but…I’m leery. I don’t want to wind up paying anything out of pocket and I’d like to hold out for a good commute and language.

What Is It With These Israelis?

Michael Lewis Flashback

First there was Michael Lewis (click to see the flash back pic and probably his religion), and now we have our new obsession – Israeli actor, model, singer, and all around fun guy Yehuda Levi. He played Yehuda Levi looking blue eyed and lovelyopposite Ohad Knoller in ‘Yossi and Jagger,’ a film about being young and in the modern Israeli Army. Oh, and his part happened to be gay. And his commanding officer’s boyfriend. And I love the film. And the theme song (‘Bo,’ sung by Ivri Lider).

Here’s the full version of the picture from the title bar forYehuda Levi and Ohad Knoller in Yossi and Jagger you, showing Mr. Levi looking blue-eyed and lovely. And of course one from the publicity for ‘Yossi and Jagger.’ In addition to acting in a few good movies and singing and dressing up in (too many ) clothes, he has done Yehuda Levi as a kippa’d soldiera lot of Israeli soap operas.

Finally a really really cute one of Mr. Levi playing a more conventional Jewish soldier. He does look good in or getting out of a uniform, doesn’t he? You can click on the two smaller pictures to see them a bit bigger, the way we like them.

And the Other New Obsession.

Our mini-obsession with Felipe Folgosi continues as does his obsession with not wearing proper clothing for a factory setting. I had said that he seemed to enjoy his work but he doesn’t seem to quite relax. There is a fault of a lot of the Paparazzo shoots; they don’t do close ups and they don’t do many shots. But these are quite nice, aren’t they?

Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing
Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

And I’ve not forgotten; here’s part two of the making-of video of this multi-talented gentleman…

(I think the cameraman’s just indulging himself – showing skill at not shaking the lens)


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11 responses to “Let it Snow!

  1. Karen

    We watched the “reunion” episode of Project Runway last night. I really don’t like Vyctoria. But what I noticed was that Rami seemed very hands-y with Chris. It looked like his arm was around the back of his chair. And then when they wanted Chris to laugh Rami started tickling Chris. Maybe because of the love connection between Jack (PR) and Dale (TC) I had love (or lust) on my mind.

  2. angloam

    Um, who are Jack and Dale? I think Rami made the nicest dresses, and the spit-marker woman (Name?) made some stunning things. Do you remember that horrible woolen thing that somebody made early – it was stretching and growning and flopping alround and looked like the model had just traipsed out to the dump to get some old rag to throw on. The designer with the ugly tatoo growing like a dirt mark up the side of his neck made it.

    Lucky Chris.

  3. Karen

    Jack – the PR designer who left because he was sick and Dale – was one of the finalist on TC. They met because they were both filming Bravo reality shows and are now together and very happily according to what I’ve read. The “spit girl” reminded me sooooo much of Wendy, but a nicer quirkier Wendy.

  4. angloam

    Oh, cool, I thought Dale was the second hottest chef (CJ was my favourite – loved his lanky charm and deep voice) and Jack was so close to handsome.

    And I agree, Victorya is irritating.

  5. KW

    You probably already know that I think you should be out – but i also understand that your situation and that you’ll do it when you feel you’re ready.

    In terms of the headhunter – I would also be leery about any job “opportunity” where i have to put out any money to get the job.

  6. angloam

    KW: Thank you for your comment. I think I’ll be out per force at the new job. I’m not paying a penny to get a job, not up front nor from future earnings. The employer can cough up, not me. Again, thank you for your comments – I really apprecate the time you take.

  7. marcl1969

    Well, you watch reality shows you only have yourself to blame when your brain rots…

    But a question- isn’t meant to be summer in that hemisphere you live in? Whats with the snow?

  8. Urm, well, yeah it’s summer NOW but it wasn’t in February. Everyone knows February is the middle of winter.

  9. marcl1969

    Sheesh- so why did this appear as the front post…? Ah well, ignore my comment LOL

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  11. That’s nice.

    Who are you?

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