Another Odd Development

Sitting here at Panera and blogging about another odd development in my surroundings. Thursday night as I’m coming home from the gym I see all sorts of ’emergency services’ type vehicles outside the house next to ours – one big van with “Incident Response” written on it and all sorts of cars and things. No sirens or flashing lights, but a big flood light. (Those who know where I live – this is the fireman’s house, not the students’.) I see that two upstairs bedrooms’ windows are completely gone, down to the frame and I can quite clearly see in and it looks like nothing’s amiss. Nobody was panicking, or told me to stay away or that there was any hazard at all. The occupants seemed to be standing around in the street talking. Later on, they nailed sheets of plywood over the three windows (two in one bedroom, one in another) and left. And we’ve not seen them since. All their cars are gone, but there is still the usual pile of crap they have strewn about their yard – building materials, toys, sheets of plywood (he’s a contractor, too) and just stuff. But otherwise, the place looks abandoned. Like they’ve evacuated.

I don’t know who to ask what happened but I sure as hell don’t want the place to sit around partially boarded up – it takes a big hit on the neighbourhood’s atmosphere. An abandoned property is a Bad Thing. I think if I don’t see signs of life and repair within a week I’ll contact the city government and see what’s going on and what can be done about this rather irritating situation.

I’m assuming the people are all right because there were no signs of panic when it happened. But what do you think would cause somebody to tear out windows in two bedrooms, board them up, with no other sign of problems, then do little else, except leave leaving nearly everything behind? Can you please give me your thoughts?

I Can’t Leave It Alone

I can’t leave you alone, that is, without at least some eye candy, in the form of part 4 of the making-of video from Felipe Folgosi’s photo shoot. I hope you like it.

(If you looked like that would you ever wear a shirt either?)


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2 responses to “Another Odd Development

  1. KW

    Your situation at work is one of the reasons i generally ask not to contact my current employer – I don’t want to give them any reason to know i’m looking.

  2. angloam

    I sort of know what you mean – it’s a judgement call. Nobody seems to have resented it (openly) although I’m sure they do…but it was amusing to have that ‘senior manager’ lecture me on professionalism after blabbing himself – some example he sets.

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