Me sitting here at my desk, a leafed-through copy of “Getting Things Done” beside the computer on which I’m surfing and blogging, and shopping for a label maker because the author of the book recommends it. He recommends a lot more besides, but some of that involves work. Perhaps ‘irony’ is not the mot juste – my mum’d suggest ‘laziness.’

A Success

Yes, I finally figured out how to work that strange tuby contraption off the side of my espresso machine.  It’s a “cappucinatore” and when used correctly, it really does make nice foam. I’d been putting the blue tube into the milk jug and letting the flow out go back into the jug but that was the wrong thing to do.  You’ve got to put the tube in the jug all right, but the let the discharge of foam flow into your mug or cup.  It made very nice foam and a delicious cappucino.

More On Next Door

There’s apparently a repair crew working on it. So I guess it’s not condemned at all.  MTC.


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2 responses to “Irony?

  1. I like your Blog header. To me it is new and novel. Are you on a body building project? I wish you good luck. The secret of course is to exercise on a regular basis.

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