Watch This Space

It’s been a while but I’m back. I’ve been off the last two days. Yesterday, I met with my counsellor and personal trainer. I wanted to ask the former about meeting with a possible new boss. I’m not sure about my continuing association with the latter. He’s getting on my nerves.

Whom I met today.

I was offered the job at the other organization, sight unseen, totally on the basis of my resumé, references, and reputation. It’s a supervisory position and a promotion.

Yes, I’ll need a higher level clearance but if it doesn’t come through, I don’t lose my current job. I’m pretty certain. The woman from the personnel office seems to regard returning phone calls as an unbelievably burdensome activity. I’m of course nervous about the background investigation, especially coming up with names of people in places I lived for so many years ago — who knows their neighbours?** Who stays in touch with the neighbours they hardly knew? I can tell you that for some of my residences, I knew nobody around me. I’ll have to figure something out. Some regular readers will know what I’m talking about. I may have to give the rental agent or landlord’s names. Oh, well.

** It may not be so bad; it’s just the last seven years; we moved here in 2001, so it’d only be here and the last apartment building. Where I knew nobody. Sigh.

In any event, it seems like a good place to work – they offer the compressed work schedule, don’t force employees to go on business trips except maybe to Fort Belvoir, and it’s a chance to try to be a supervisor. I’d be supervising two civilians (with one additional position vacant) and the work of one contractor. I hope I get it and that I do well. Being a supervisor seems sometimes more like being a baby sitter. I hope I can keep my cool. I know it will be more lonely at work. I can’t be anyone’s buddy. Not that I am, much.

Now of course comes the waiting time. And that squirmy feeling when somebody’s examining all sorts of details about your life and judging you.

So watch this space for future developments.

Best Wishes, J

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for my Godson. He’s a bit ill right now with a strep infection. I hope he feels much better very soon – that the antibiotics work and that he can go back to school. Apparently he gave his mum quite a scare.

You’re in my thoughts.

A New Space

Off soon to C’s DC office where they have a marvellous exercise room that I’m dying to try out. It’s a lot fancier than the sweaty gym that I normally go to! On the way I’m going to pick up a Brother PT-1880 Label Maker at Staples to help me get my desks in order. So professional I’ll look.

Something about A Man In A Uniform…

Yes, well, they can be easy on the eyes, like Yehuda Levi, here in a few shots from ‘Yossi & Jagger.’ Again, I really recommend the film.

Yehuda Levi and Ohad Knoller in Yossi and Jagger Yehuda Levi With a Small Tear Yehuda Levi and Ohad Knoller in Yossi and Jagger Yehuda Levi and Ohad Knoller in Yossi and Jagger

As so often, you can cheer him (and the rest of us) by making him grow. Look how much his commanding officers makes him gr…er…cheers him up…

Or in Underwear

Here’s part four of making-of Felipe Folgosi.

And of course, it wouldn’t be my man-mad blog without a few shots of not-very-mini mini-obsession Felipe Folgosi. It appears that he’s tired of the dark underwear and has changed to a lighter gray set. Does it really make a difference – it’s still not appropriate for a factory.Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

Felipe Folgosi in inappropriate clothing

(Do you want to to go a churrascaria and eat some Brazilian meat too?) 

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One response to “Watch This Space

  1. Karen

    Thanks for the good wishes. J seems to be doing much better today. I think D may be getting sick now – and he woke up with what looks like it could be “pink eye.” At least there were no more calls to 911 or trips to the ER (touch wood). Good luck with the new position. Sorry your trainer is getting on your nerves. Feel free to call if you want/need to chat about it.

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