Mostly Better

Just to fill my charming and lovely readers in, I’m feeling mostly better but I still feel more full than usual after eating anything, which you’d think would be good, but any change like that worries me. I went for my drug test yesterday and have a huge job to do filling in the investigation form. Wish me luck.

I came out to a co-worker Monday – he seemed unfazed as he’d already guessed ages ago. 🙂 More to come hopefully tonight.

Meanwhile, for your amusement…as part of recovering from apartheid, South Africa is trying to normalize sangomas or ‘traditional healers’ and bring them into the system. Here is what is apparently a real sick note from a sangoma for an employee with a diagnosis of the problem and an expected report back to work date.  To see it in its full glory, click on it (ed. I hope this fixes the problem)….

SA Sick Note

(I wonder what the advice was.)


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4 responses to “Mostly Better

  1. otherboygirl

    cool, thanks 😉 keep in touch

  2. KW

    don’t know if that is all the graphic but i don’t know what the note says the guy was thinking – only that “he was thinking t…”

  3. Karen

    Glad you are feeling better. Hope to see you Friday {knocks on wood}

  4. angloam

    otherboygirl: I will.

    KW: Try now, please.

    Karen: I am and I hope so too.

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