Repas a Zero

Is French for ‘go back to zero.’ That’s what being sick last weekend seems to have done to me – it’s been very hard to get into a routine.

Getting the paperwork together for the new job is proceeding apace; just one more piece of information and some fingerprints are all I need as of now. Who knows what will be requested of me in the weeks to come? I had to take a drug test, which was a new and unpleasant experience for me. Somehow your urine is yours, and having somebody else handle it in front of you is a unwanted intimacy. I really didn’t enjoy it.

I just didn’t seem to get to my workouts very much this past week – there always seemed to be something preventing me. I can’t really think of an excuse but everything just seemed so up in the air, if you know what I mean. Confusing and usettling. It’s like I’ve been absent from my life for the last few days.

Friday we had a very nice dinner with our friends at the Longhorn in Laurel but I had too much to eat – a whole rack of ribs.

Saturday I had a very nasty fright healthwise – we’ll just leave it at mentioning that I had to drink a lot of cranberry juice and things are all cleared out now.

I’m really just hoping that this coming week brings more regularity to my life. Not sure that it will but here’s hoping.

Sorry – not a lot of mancandy tonight, just one quick picture of Mr. Levi looking, unlike I have been, the picture of bright-eyed health….

Yehuda Levi looking the picture of health

…And the final (fifth) installment of Felipe Folgosi’s making-of video…


(Stay tuned for a video of Mr. Levi in more man-on-man snog action)

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