Doing Much Better

Thank heavens.

Nearly finished all my stuff for the job – got all the information needed and my finger prints, now all I need to do is print out the signature form, sign it, and trot it over to the new organization.

Meanwhile at my current job, I’m not sure about ‘coming out’ to this one coworker. Friday G and I were called in to our boss’s office to be told that somebody had gone to the Inspector General with an informal (not written) complaint about him, and in the complaint had said that we were all as upset and feeling disrespected as the complainant was. Well, maybe, but when I chatted to this coworker afterwards, I told him that he should have really checked with us first before making that statement, and that our perspective may be different from his (he’s military, the rest of us are civilians). He then said that if the rest of us didn’t have the integrity to back him up then <trails off disapprovingly>. It’s not a matter of integrity when I don’t acquiesce in him taking disgruntlement to some more serious level, without asking me if I consent. It’s recklessness, which is a bit discouraging – a bit off putting.

Walking Works Wonders

Well it does – I did 60 minutes today, including some stretches a bit faster, or steeper than before. I did take a less than minute break at each of 30, 40, 45, 50, and 55 minutes, but I’m still very proud of myself. PHG was there, looking oddly attractive as usual, and there was some other good eye candy. My knee did hurt like mad afterwards, all better now, so I’ll have to remember to take my anti-inflammatories and pain-killers before, not after, working out. I’m just glad that I could do it after four days in a row of not going – it was hard on my back at first, and my spirits flagged around fifteen minutes in but I knocked it out and that’s the main thing.

Came home (in the daylight thanks to DST starting so early) to a delicious dinner C cooked – tagliatelle with fennel, tomatos, garlic, and chick peas. Mmmm delicious. Oversnaked on peanuts though. 😦 Must do better.

C takes such good care of me though – I’m so very lucky to have him in my life. I feel sorry for you that you don’t. 🙂

All Booked

Booked our mini-break – first night in the Poconos in Pennsylvania, second just outside New Hope, also in PA. I hope it’s not too frigid. Also our delicious Sunday brunch in Lambertville, NJ.

Can’t Stop Kissing the Guys

Yehuda Levi with Ofer SchechterPoor Yehuda Levi – in this clip from the Israeli soap opera “Ha-Alufa” (The Champion) he seems to get a smack on the lips (better than upside the head) from his co-star Ofer Schechter (seen above in a still from the same series). I think it has something to do with the teasing he is giving….

(One’d be tempted to make a war just to get to make love instead!)

Can’t Forget the Others

Just so you know we’ve not forgotten our mini-obsession Felipe Folgosi, here he is in his factory, with his big hot rod, just for you….

Felipe Folgosi with his hot rod

Felipe Folgosi with his hot rod

Imagine Your Child at This School

This is my blog and I get to be biassed and I get to say what I want and not worry all the time about that intellectual “on the other hand.”

It’s not all beer and skittles and homoeroticism in Israel.

The town of Sderot inside “Israel Proper” (i.e. not on occupied land), in the southern Negev desert, has been under daily attack from ‘home made’ (but still deadly) Qassam rockets fired from the adjacent Gaza strip, for months now. Daily life for people is punctuated by constant alarms – a female voice repeats over and over again over loudspeakers “Tseva Adom” or “Color Red” to alert residents that they have about fifteen seconds to get into a shelter before the missile hits – and because they’re cheap and inaccurate, the missile could hit anywhere in town. Of course, every time the Israeli Defense Forces try to find and destroy the rocket launch pads the international community goes apesh*t and threatens all sorts of sanctions. But ask yourself this – what would the US do if rockets were falling every day on Buffalo from Niagara Falls, Ontario?

Here’s a video of a kindergarten during an attack. What would your life be like if this were an everyday occurence? Would you worry about disproportionality of response or would you want safety first for your children and yourself and your family?

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