It Seems So Summery, In Summary

I think it’s the sunshine and the switch in time. I’m sitting here in Starbucks where the net isn’t free yet, before going to see my counsellor. I’m wondering why I’m not doing something more productive with my time and finding very few answers. I should be reading all about ‘Getting Things Done’ and making sensible plans to do sensible things at work, rather than chatting and waffling around on the Mail and Guardian forum site.

Oh, I wish I weren’t so judgemental though. A guy just came in, very badly limping, with a cane, bantering with the Starbucks people, and from how familiar he is with them I suspect that he’s not got much else in his life. (Judgement #1.) But rather than feeling kindly disposed to him he annoyed me because, in addition to being lame, I think he must be part deaf because his voice did boom loudly. (Judgement #2.) Now, I know a lot of people are loud in restaurants and coffee shops, because I guess a lot of people are either deaf or selfish or both (judgement #3), whereas I was taught that one tries to make as little bother to others as possible (that oh so British trait of apologizing for existing) (judgement #4), but this guy’s half yelled inanities were really grating on me. I don’t want to hear everyone else’s trivial boring observations on life, any more than I’d dream of imposing mine on them.

At least he didn’t have a crappy old car but a blinged out 300 so I don’t feel so bad. If he’d allied poverty to deafness and lameness, then I’d have carte blanche to feel tremendously guilty. Now I can luxuriate in feeling annoyed and vaguely superior. Just as unrealistic but if I only think it, not about it, much more comforting.

Yehuda Levi is a Fox

Yehuda Levi for FoxYehuda Levi for FoxOr at least here he is in some stills and a video advertising for Fox, just like our old friend Michael Lewis and many other Israeli hotties do. As so often, just click on him little to make him big. Oh, if only everything could be grown or shrunk so easily. My stomach would be smaller and…

…well, let’s just enjoy the video, shall we?

…So Is Big Ol’ Felipe

Just one pic of Felipe today but that is surely enough, don’t you think?
Felipe Folgosi barely in white jeans

(Six of one, a pack of abs of the other.)

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