Civic Duty

Civic duty as in Jury Duty is what I’ve got tomorrow. I can’t say I’m looking forward to being herded like a head of cattle into a huge room in the county courthouse in Upper Marlboro with the rest of the people who couldn’t figure out a legitimate reason to skive off it. However, I’ll do the due and since I can bring stuff in, I’ll probably take my Georgian stuff with me – look forward to a fun Georgian post soon (can you stand the excitement?).

Meanwhile, I dropped off the final iteration of my security clearance paperwork at the new office today so for the time being it’s all out of my hands.

Neal came by today; rescheduled from Saturday. Not much to report-I really need to pay more attention to what I take in. Tomorrow night’ll be a challenge as we’re taking my mum out to an Italian restaurant. I need courage and strength and things not to gorge myself silly. Any suggestions?

Speaking of Delicious Things to Eat

Here’s Yehuda Levi pushing an Israeli potato chip called Bamba…sorry for the poor quality…

…not that he looks like he spends a lot of time scarfing down snacks and such, does heyehuda-furry.jpg?yehuda-levi_a.jpgyehuda-torso-on-angle.jpgyehuda-black-shirt.jpg

As usual, you can click on the little pictures to make Yehuda grow for you. He’s got such an appealing combination of delicate features, attitude, and a strong physique, and one hell of a lot of talent. Doesn’t he look like he’s asking you to come hither. Come, Hither!

yehuda-fts.jpgBut now we must say good bye and put Mr. Levi in our rear view mirrors as it were (or is he putting us in his?) as we switch our new obsession to the guy whose deep dark eyes you see above you. Can you guess? Here’s a hint…what ever he’s got, it must run in the family.
(And if I didn’t have the best partner in the world I might change my name to “The System” just so that Yehuda might.)


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4 responses to “Civic Duty

  1. Karen

    Enjoy dinner with your mom. For me Italian works best when I stay away from the carbs/pasta and go for fish. As for the upcoming obsession – would we find him “engaging?”

  2. angloam

    🙂 I think one might.

  3. neil

    I just watched your last week , and I think you are a good actor . i’ve been trying to find some news about you on the net these days , but I got nothing . It’s so strange , do you give up being an actor ?hope to get some message about you .

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