Duty Done

All done at the jury pool and I’m free for another three years. Here’s how it worked. After we’d all signed in we were sat in a large room, about a hundred or so of us. The first case on the docket required 37 jurors to pick from (only 12 would be sworn in) so the juries supervisor called out 37 names and handed each one a numbered green card. The next case needed another 37, so another 37 of us were called out and given a numbered blue card. My group, 57 of us, got purple cards (I was purple #5). Then we waited. I studied Georgian for a bit (more to come when I move my notes from my laptop in a bit). The green group were called out to a jury room, and then came back. They were called out again, and came back. The blue group were called out. Then we were told that they’d seated all the jurors they needed and we were free to go. Yipee! All I have to do is keep my stamped summons to prove my attendance to work, and in case I get called within the next three years.

Lunch at Gah Rahm, so I’m glad for the hint about tonight’s dinner with mummy (probably at an Italian restaurant near her house). Once again that place leaves me feeling bloated.

Our New Mr. Obsession

At least one person has guessed – it’s star of the big and little screen Luke Wilson (talent and looks seem to run in his family, wouldn’t you say)? I’ve always thought though that “Owen’s Younger Brother” or the “Perennial Boyfriend” was by far the better looking of the two acting Wilsons, and I loved “Bottle Rocket,” “Home Fries,“”Best Men,” and “Legally Blond.” Despite his being wet and shirtless in “The Family Stone” I didn’t really heart it – I empathized moreLuke Wilson on a Deck in strange trousers Luke Wilson on a Deck with a restrained palettewith poor old Sarah Jessica Parker’s outsider part. I’ve not seen “Alex and Emma” yet, nor any other LW films that I know of, and I won’t see “Old School.” It has Will Farrell in it.

Just for starters here’s two of Mr. Wilson sitting on some deck looking luscious with a restrained palette of greys and blues and tans (that’s one pair of oddly constructed trousers he’s got on) — click on him to make him yummily big and see what I mean…

Speaking of Best Men, I remember showing it to my friends and being so nervous. I have a bit of a reputation when I suggest movies of suggesting only gay-themed ones or only Starksy & Hutch reruns. But then, if it’s not a kiddies’ film, and the most juvenile ones at that, nearly every film has a straight theme, when you sit and think of it, doesn’t it? I needn’t have been nervous – they really enjoyed it. But sometimes, when I see a bit about two men in love, and they’re say smooching, I feel happy inside, and sometimes I find it erotic, and I think afterwards – is this what straight people see all the time, at romantic movies or such?

I may never know that feeling of belonging that might (must) come from seeing somebody like oneself kiss somebody that one might want to kiss, all approvingly filmed, or I only know it rarely. Certainly not in most spheres; perhaps that’s why I empathized with SJP’s part. Always the not-quite fitting in, or conscious of a conscious effort to be fitted in.

Not that I’m complaining exactly – I’m sure it’s at least partially or even mostly a case of the grass being greener and all, and it’s not like I don’t have good friends and a wonderful life, because I really do – so wonderful it sometimes frightens me, but it’d be nice to feel normal for awhile. Not that I don’t think that it’s possible that nobody feels normal. But I think some people feel it more than others.

On a lighter note, here’s LW on Letterman talking about his elementary school days and a teacher who called everyone “Bob:”

And Mr. Mini-Obsession

Not that he’s all that mini – Brazilian model Silvio Nascimento (Birthing Wood??? hehehe well, that’s what I get from translating his name), here in a Terra The Boy photoshoot, in full on farm boy drag, with apparently some trouble with his overalls’ buttons:

Silvio Nascimento in Farm Boy Drag Silvio Nascimento in Farm Boy Drag

Silvio Nascimento in Farm Boy Drag Silvio Nascimento in Farm Boy Drag

(Lucky wheat stalk!)


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5 responses to “Duty Done

  1. KW

    i like your mini-obsession better (as you may have already guessed if you thought about it).

    Makes me want to go to Brazil right now 🙂

  2. angloam

    Yeah, I thought he might be your type!

  3. otherboygirl

    you’re funny

  4. Just came across this guy – http://www.offinia.com – listing valid ways to get out of jury duty. It might be “unconstitutional” but it can’t help to know!! 😉

  5. Yes, but I can’t help but think that it really is our duty to serve when we’re called on; to ensure that the community participates in the administration of justice.

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