Easter’s Here

Friday Night Club

Met at a sushi restaurant for lots of raw fish. I love sushi – it is low in calories and makes you feel like you’re having a real treat. Our friend CK wasn’t able to be there but we had a good time. Of course, I had to blurt out “don’t let the evening end” half way through but those dinner meetings have been the big thing for me to look forward to in the week since 1989 or something like that.

Moving Along

Well, we had a lovely Easter, which is good because Saturday was on the crummy side. First off I walked for fifty minutes before Neal the Personal Trainer guy. I wanted to do longer because (a) I felt I could and (b) there was some high quality eye candy on an elliptical cattycorner from me. Short, handsome, friendly. Very inspiring as was “Chuck” on my iPod. Neal kinda pissed me off though by sort of implying strongly that C is controlling and preventing me from eating better. Of course, idiot me relayed that to C because I’m an idiot, and he got rather upset as anyone might. Of course, I felt a bit put between this one and that one, but my total loyalty is really to C. Also Neal is wrong; I ‘get by’ C’s support through a cunningly intelligent strategy of whining, cajoling, and outright begging. However, he’s quite able to stand up to me when he needs to. I just hope that I’m not too overbearing all the time.

But the tension didn’t make for a good day, despite finding some pappardelle at Three Brothers Italian Market, along with some delicious panettone for easter.

However, it wasn’t all grim and we’d all made up by the end of the day and our dinner of salmon fillets on a bed of leeks.

I bought a file stand to go with my new efforts to be productive in accordance with the principle of Getting Things Done and 43 Folders and all.

Even Further Along

So today we went to mum and dad’s early for Easter lunch and we really did enjoy ourselves. Delicious ham and quiche and corn casserole and crab casserole and cup cakes and of course my insanely cute nephew and niece. My niece especially seems to be progressing by leaps and bounds; she’s bright and charming and very very verbal. And she eats cupcakes like mad – okay so they were mini ones but she shoved the entire cupcake into her mouth, chewed, had a sip of water and then wanted another!

On the way home we went to drop of some water at my office and then we drove by a building where I have to go for ‘psychological standard testing’ tomorrow on Fort Meade. I’d applied for this job in addition to the one I’m upgrading my clearance for. I don’t have it but I have to go through a six hour screening process to see if I can. Bit much, but AFAIK I don’t need an upgraded clearance and it’s not supervisory.

On the other hand, I don’t know if I will ever be able to progress much further without going supervisory. And something inside me, perhaps only because I thought it inevitable, had sort of gotten psyched about being supervisory. But the clearance was still making me nuts.

Speaking of Going Crazy

Luke Wilson can make me crazy in these pictures from a photoshoot from Italian Vogue. Is that a hint of a hairy chest one sees? Check it out by clicking on High Fashion Luke.

Luke from Vogue Luke from Vogue Luke from Vogue Luke from Vogue Luke from Vogue Luke from Vogue Luke from VogueWell, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. I think in some he looks like he’s sucking on a lemon but perhaps that just the half-turned up eyebrows thing. What do you think?

Speaking of All Wet…

Okay, we weren’t but let’s – as spring continues to slowly slide in here in the northern hemispher, it’s descending to autumn in the southern, where Brazil and Silvio Nascimento are. Here, our lad looks oddly cold in a tropical pool…

Silvio Nascimento in a pool
Silvio Nascimento in a pool
Silvio Nascimento in a pool
Silvio Nascimento in a pool
(Would you be his towel-boy or -girl?)

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