Just to Catch Up

Just a quick post to catch up on my comings and goings….

  • Went for my psych testing on Monday and the review with the psychiatrist on Wednesday. Thursday was the interview. Not sure how it went; usual dumb questions like ‘give an example of you working on a project when something unexpected happened.’ Sheese. How is this question designed to figure out how well I’d fit in in the real world – when was the last time on your job that you had to remember a past happening toute de suite?
  • The results of my tests were (1) that I’m very intellectual, (2) that mundane tasks bore me, (3) that I’m a bit cynical, (4) that I lack self-confidence, and (5) that I’m in the 99.9th percentile for being self-critical. Nobody who knows me seems surprised!
  • Exercise has been a bit wobbly of late – 60 minutes Monday (with some unexpected eye candy in the DC office gym), nothing Tuesday, nothing Wednesday, 60 minutes last night (with some major eye candy in the base gym – including PHG [Pointy Hair Guy] looking tall and striking as usual). I still must write up my food tonight to give to Neal on Saturday – I’ll have to get C to help me.
  • I put the “Getting Things Done” principles to work on my Entourage software, and then imported my appointments and tasks into iCal since I think I’m going to be using that soon. I’ll have to post an update to my resolutions soon.
  • C made a delicious dinner last night – he took steaks and pounded them really thin, then he fried them and squeezed lemon juice over them. He also heated up chick peas (garbanzo beans) with arugula, sherry and cumin. It was delicious indeed. 
  • Big luncheon today at work so will have to eat sparingly tonight.Luke Wilson with something powerful and throbbing between his legs


Speaking of eye candy, here’s Luke touching something powerful, throbbing, and beautiful between his legs. Oh, and he’s on a motorcycle, too.  Here’s also our mini-obsession, Silvio, continuing his farmboy fantasy.

 (Wanna grab a bull by the horns?)


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2 responses to “Just to Catch Up

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  2. KW

    just a bit cynical????? 😉

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