More Uncertainty but…

…I Can Clear Up the Uncertainy

Well, I’m in slightly better spirits. I have had some ‘turmoil’ with regard to that new job and the requirements to upgrade my clearance. I’ve complied with everything, going so far as to emphasize the nature of C and my relationship, but I’ve still got to call and get one last assurance. See, to fill the vacancy the office will want me to come over on an interim clearance. What worries me is if I go over on an interim clearance, and then a few months down the road they decide they can’t give me the final one – what happens to me? Am I placed elsewhere in the government? Or do I get fired?

I can’t be fired. I can’t let that happen. If I can get clear on that I’ll have to say that I can’t go over until the final, and if they won’t allow that, then I have to say that I can’t go over at all. I have a number of somebody at the personnel office to call tomorrow, and I have to make myself at ease on this. I have to say, I can’t imagine that they’d actually fire you – how would they ever recruit for positions if there was a real danger thereof.

I also am taking some comfort from the fact that the adjudicator has already seen my info pack and I’ve handled the two questions he raised, but I do have to say that the security manager mentioned that the ‘bad thing’ had happened to one or two people but then said that those people were new to the government. I’m hardly new.

What do you think?

Ignore at My Peril

Neal came over Monday, and we discussed my intake, as I’m basically walking my ass off without much gain (er, loss). You know how they say that if you slip up, the thing to do is not let it get you down? Well, I got that part too well down – the trick thought is to, you know, acknowledge the slip, and not just ignore it. 🙂 I’ve promised to review my Weight Watchers input and, you know, make choices as the week goes along. Monday there was some real high quality eye candy at the gym. This evening, barely any, just PGG (pseudo Greek guy, slender, dark hair, goatee), no PHG (pointy hair guy) or much else.

I’ve also decided to do more weight training; I think I ought to do the things that Neal suggested at home/the gym. After all, I’m paying him big bux for this advice. I do want to start squatting too. Maybe I can be strong. Who knows.

Tuesday, C came with me to see Alan, my counsellor about my food issues. Apparently I’m not as manipulative as I think.

Road Porn

I found some great road porn sites. You can see the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, the US standard sign book. It’s so cool! From the other side of the biggish pond here’s the UK Highway Code. I’ll add more road porn in short order.

Up, Chuck!

NBC has renewed my favourite prime time show, Chuck, for a second season. But new episodes won’t be out until later in the year. I heart Chuck.

Lovely Luke

Luke Wilson from Legally Blond

Luke on a Golf

We’ll have to wait for farmer Silvio, but today’s installment of our obsession with the dark-haired Wilson brother shows a screen cap of his strong-jawed self, from the movie Legally Blond. It’s a cute movie, in which Luke plays a lawyer. Our other picture shows him at a golf game (I think) which is a favourite if stereotypical hobby of lawyers.

(Wouldn’t you like to see his big club?)

(Wouldn’t you let him get a hole in one)

(Wouldn’t you let him address your ball?)

(Wouldn’t you like to get him in the rough) 

This is far too easy!


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3 responses to “More Uncertainty but…

  1. Karen

    I am so, so, so, so glad you are feeling better. You are definitely getting stronger – others can see that. The strength training thing always seems to go slowly and then one day it’s like “wow there’s a muscle.” Jake had one of those moments the other day when he realized (forgive my non-medical description) the top of his pec muscle was firm and the bottom wasn’t. He asked his fitness instructor what to do to balance out his work out. He is really into the weight training right now. It’s inspiring and gives him quality time together. Makes me feel like the luckiest Mom in the world. 🙂

  2. angloam

    You are the luckiest mom in the world, and Jake is a very lucky son. The only difference I’ve felt is in things like today walking – I had to park “in Siberia” and it really wasn’t a trouble walking to work from about as far away as the end of your office park. To give you a perspective, one time I remember panicking because there were no ‘gimp’ spots available and winding up waiting for an hour until one was. But I need to watch the intake more. But that’s possible. The ‘Real Jock’ website (see ‘other links’) has been a big help as have C and you.

  3. KW

    Look at it this way – i’m working on my intake and can’t seem to make myself take time to do the walking/exercise. So you’re doing better than others.

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