It IS all about me!

Well, that’s how it’s been seeming. 🙂 Yesterday, I did 60 rather tough minutes at the gym with NO eye candy to speak of whatsoever. The first 30 were in the hot hole in the basement, and exhausted me so badly I couldn’t think about checking out the weight room like I’d wanted to. The second thirty were upstairs where it was cooler. Now I did notice one guy on an elliptical, nicely built, and he was really going fast and furious. I kept wondering – what would he be like in bed? Would he also go at it fast and furious? Would he be fun? Tiring? Demanding? The things that go through one’s mind. Towards the end I was going really fast myself but then I was listening to Relax! by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and imaging Paul Rutherford all sweaty…I think I’ve got to do some more strength training like Neal wants me to do. Luckily I have his list of exercises here…somewhere…I swear!

Friday night we went to a Mongolian barbecue place in Laurel – I had mostly vegetables. I actually really like it there, even if they close a bit early; you can put pretty much what you like in your bowl and enjoy a stir fry to your specs, as it were. I usually load up on pineapple, cabbage, carrots, and ginger. I love carrots and pineapple together.

The Adjustment

It’s been a bit of an adjustment after making my big work decision; despite my better judgment I had begun to disengage; things said had stopped bothering me because after all, I was going to be gone soon, and a member of management and all that. The reality of being ‘stuck’ at First Army hit me a bit Friday, but I’m sure I’ll find another job. Even if it means calling that career counsellor like I’d put on my back burner.  A lot of back burner things are now back on the front burner, and vice versa. (Like I was going to go suit shopping but I shan’t bother now.) One good thing has come of all this – I’d gotten ‘Getting Things Done’ out of fear of being swamped by new responsibilities and my work life at my current job is a lot more organized as a result of it. Not sure about my home life but it’ll come too, don’t you think? I also got to have fun making labels with my label maker. I’ve always loved stationery even from a kid – my favourite shop was W.H. Smith’s and I love Day Planners and Filofaxes.

The Visitation

Neal came by and we talked about my ‘intake’ as it still needs some tweaking. This past week wasn’t so bad with the exception of a Crispani at Panera. Who could possibly believe that two small slices of that thing is supposed to be a serving. It’s too darn tiny and yet it stuffs hundreds and hundreds of calories into it. Grr. Especially maddening is the realization that their delicious chicken soup is hardly any calories at all and is (as I say) delicious.

Lazily I didn’t get up in time to go to the gym this morning so I’ll have to try to work it in tomorrow as C and I are going over this evening to see our friends K and D. That visit will be another visitation which I will try to write about tomorrow. I’m going to bring over Season One of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Neal would like us to stop ordering our groceries from and having them delivered; but it’s so darn convenient. I agree we should eat more fresh vegetables and get them in from real stores, but that alone will be a big change. We are trying more vegetables like leeks and fennel and things. He also thinks that C isn’t supportive of my efforts but that’s utter BS as I’ve written about in the past. It’s nearly all my own fault (and a bit of food marketers). I think his ultimate goal is to have both of us work with him.

Okay, so hearing about other people’s dreams

…can be boring but you might find this interesting, from last night.

I’m with Mary Tyler Moore (Richards) but we’re in New York where Mary (now) works. First I’m walking with them to the subway which is in a huge wide plaza. A plane is flying in to the airport and as we watch it wobbles a bit and flies into a bunch of skyscrapers. Everyone says ‘how awful’ and goes on to work. The plane crash has caused our office to flood so we have to work ass-deep in water with cars and filing cabinets floating by. However, nobody suggests we stop.

Suddenly I’m with Rhoda’s brother and his friends and we’re walking to a mobster’s house. His pet weasel attacks me and I try to fight it off. I fight it off so well that it gets hurt and we decide we’d better flee to avoid revenge. We get into an enormous car and drive off very fast though the city. As we drive along I see people being car jacked in an odd fashion; muggers walk up their car brandishing guns but don’t seem very threatening; the drivers could drive off but don’t; instead they argue and sort of try to distract the muggers. I ‘know’ (the way you know things in dreams) that this is perfectly normal here. We pull into a block ‘knowing’ that the mobster is behind us but here, you can get fake licence plates for your car. See, the enormous car is the mobster’s and we’ve stolen it from him! We get fake plates and drive away but pull into a parking lot and steal a Suzuki Tracker instead. Piling in, we drive up a long hill suddenly in the city of Falkenberg(?), Alabama and stop at a house to hide out in.

The house is an artists’ colony of sorts and we are welcomed in by gentle spirit type people who do glassblowing but haven’t quite worked out that they could sell their decorations and make lots of money. In any event they are more interested in hugging and sleeping in their one huge bed at night. The gentle spirit people and I all go to a park for a picnic (the mobster and Rhoda’s brother/friends being forgotten) and talk about how there isn’t much to do in Falkenberg(?) except go to the beach. The park is on a very steep hill and I’m taking pictures of everyone and the gentle people are carrying on, when a group of military academy students appear at the bottom of the hill, see us, and start jeering. Well, I figure since I work for the military I can relate to them too, and so I go down and sort of tell them off for being rude. I remember saying that I appreciated their military sacrifice but they weren’t the only tough people in the world, that these gentle spirit people were also tough for living according to their own convictions and that if they would just speak to one another they’d probably find they would have a great deal in common. Magically (for such is the way in dreams!) they agreed to stop being rude and a tentative friendship was established. I caught one of the gentle spirit men looking at me with admiration and lust; luckily for me he wasn’t a walking wookie. I don’t remember much – my ‘sex’ dreams never have actual sex in them, unfortunately, just some about-to-happen situations.

Admiration and Lust

Somehow seem to describe feelings arising from this set of photos of our marvellous Luke, don’t you think? (

Do you like WordPress’s new ‘gallery’ feature? I hop you do because it’s a lot easier for me to use. You can click on any thumbnail to embiggen it.

Lust and Admiration

Is something you may feel from this video, the ‘making-of’ video from our farmer boy Silvio. He seems one to make the process look so natural and easy. (Looks like you can no longer embed the video player – I’ll try to find a work-around.)


(Oh, to be a production assistant charged with body make-up issues)


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2 responses to “It IS all about me!

  1. I haven’t had time to go to the gym in a long time I was up to walking 30 minutes at a time before I became to busy to go to the gym.

  2. Karen

    Dinner Friday was lovely. And I, too had a lot of veggies. I did a better job with the carbs this time, too by changing up which sauces I added to my bowl. I was really pleased = no spike in my BS (that’s blood sugar not bull s!@#). I still love stationary. Some times I write my mom-in-law a note just so I can use a note card. Ok, now I’m blushing at revealing that tidbit of info.

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