Monday, Monday

Well it was when I started drafting this!

Weekend of Few but Satisfying Activities

Saturday Neal came and didn’t work me out at all. Instead he gassed on about intake and stuff. I’m getting less and less happy with it. Went to see our friends on the Eastern Shore for dinner and two eppies of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. It’s so good to see them.

Sunday we slept very late, but did manage to get out to check out ranges at Home Depot and Lowes. It keeps coming back to this one model I like. Maybe I came across as obsessive but on this one, the numbers circle around on the knob so your setting is always on top; the one next to it at Home Depot, the knob rotated and pointed down and around to a number, making it smaller and harder to use. Then went to M&D’s house for dinner. My brother, sis-in-law, and niece and nephew were there. The two kids are so cute and charming – especially my niece. My nephew is so full of energy and I think they’re both great kids.

Had a talk with my sis-in-law that left me a bit concerned – she’s going through a heck of a lot and I hope she takes whatever steps she needs to take to get herself the help that is available for her. I don’t believe such a lovely person should suffer at all – so many times she and C have been the glue that has held various fly-away bits of my family together. I really don’t know what my brother or I did to get such wonderful partners.

Speaking of Sleeping In

I did a bit today so I chucked a sickie. Went to the gym though so not totally self indulgent and did sixty not terribly difficult minutes. I had to watch Chuck on my iPod because there wasn’t much eye-candy about. In fact, when I got there the gym was nearly empty, only toward the end did a bunch of sailors arrive to play basetball. Spent the rest of the day surfing the web and stuff. I did rip some CD’s I’d been meaning to get to, so that was something, and did some laundry.

At work this morning only the good major who hired me had returned my call. He’s the one I feel worst for – none of this is his fault (unless of course it’s he who is directing that they not wait for the final clearance). I feel so bad I’m a bit nervous about returning his call. 😦 I’m such a coward sometimes.

A Few Questions for My Gentle Readers

  1. Neal keeps mentioning, as if by random, little tidbits of personal medical information, or rather, information that he’s heard from my doctor that I didn’t know my doctor was going to pass out. It’s not strictly speaking medical data, but his conclusions about health and the need for Neal’s services. I shan’t put out what he said, but I keep wondering if I should check with the my doctor to see if he did, and to ask him not to keep doing it. I was going to make an appointment with the doctor for a new leg pain but it has mostly gone now so there’s no real reason to. What do you think?
  2. Isn’t Real Housewives better in the OC than in NYC?
  3. Would you use a warming drawer in your oven & if so, how? My mum says she uses hers frequently.
  4. What about a griddle integrated into the cooktop/hob?
  5. How would you handle calling the good major mentioned above?

Well, that’s about it. No eyecandy for this post; I’ll put some up later.


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2 responses to “Monday, Monday

  1. Karen

    Answers to follow. . . .Housewives – don’t watch enough of either to really say. Warming drawer – can’t think of a single use for it for us and I’d miss having the drawer for storage. Griddle – don’t think we’d use it, but my Dad would have LOVED it. Knobs – I’m used to moving the knob not the numbers so I prefer what I’m used to. Also I prefer the knobs on the “top” part of the stove like where the clock is as opposed to the front where kids (and pets) can reach them. Call the major – just be up-front and be yourself. And by calling him you maintain the option of applying for another of his jobs later in your career. I’m thinking about the Neal/doctor thing and will send you an email later today.

  2. angloam

    She says she uses it when company comes and hers like the one we’re looking at can actually cook so they cook pizzas in it. (Warming drawer.) I can see the griddle for some things, hot dogs, hamburgers, not many as it’s a funny oval shape.

    I think I’d prefer the pointer to say fixed so I don’t have to crane my head around and I understand about the top of the stove but it’s not as big an issue for me – at least along the front you don’t have to reach over any boiling pots.

    Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it no end.

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