Tufer Tuesday!

Let’s just get right down to business, shall we?


I rang the good major and let him know – or rather left him a voice mail to avoid a phone tag situation.

I was working late and so was CH, a young captain who works in my office and as we often do after hours we fell to chatting. C rang but I didn’t want to interrupt so I let it ring through to voice mail. CH wanted to know who it was and I said “you remember, my friend, C____.”

“Oh, he wants you to come home.” (Jovially.)

Well, with my stunning and quite inimitable talent for interpretation I figured that he ‘knew.’ But I wasn’t sure so I said, “You do know C and I are partners?”

“Partners? What do you mean?” (Seemingly genuinely mystified.)

“You know. Partners.” (Significant look.)

“Oh, like that.”

He hadn’t known. Oops! He asked me if I was always ‘that way’ (I have always been this way) and allowed how he thought that ‘homosexual people’ were born that way. After all “thank God” he was born the way he was. (Not sure I know or want to know why the Deity was dragged in.) He didn’t seem too upset, but time will tell. He did mention an errand that we have to run together so I guess he’s not utterly freaked out. I hope not, he’s basically nice, and I enjoy chatting to him.


I didn’t go work out tonight. 😦

The Bubble

I have however, just come from a break in watching a lovely movie called ‘The Bubble.’ I love it so far – it’s directed by Eytan Fox (“Walk on Water” and “Yossi & Jagger”) and stars Ohad Knoller from the second and Joe Sweik from the former. I’ll let everyone know how it turns out. (You may remember Y&J had our former obsession Yehuda Levi in it – Ohad Knoller was his boyfriend (or partner!) in that film.) Here’s a trailer….

I have another new DVD to watch – David Soul Live in Concert (from 1984). Aren’t you dying of jealousy? 🙂

No Need to Die of Jealousy

I’ll share Mr. Wilson with you. Here he is in some shots from a press event for his film Alex and Emma. He actually looks a little annoyed. Perhaps he’d just learned that I was unavailable, you know, since I have one of those partners…I know I’m coming across snarky and I don’t mean to, but it is awkward to know what to call C & me, and me & he. I hope everything works out and I have an enjoyable workplace.

After a Hard Day At Work

Apparently it’s nice to shower and clean up, at least, that’s what Silvio Nascimento thinks….

(Now that he’s dripping, it’s important to rub him down, or is that the wrong way ’round?)

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