Hi, Remember Me?

I’m sorry it’s been so long. It’s been a bit up and down…


After I did sixty minutes at the gym, Neal came for a sesh. He started off by asking me if I could schedule a sesh next week so that there wouldn’t be a whole week and a half between this session and next Saturday. Fair enough, but when I said I’d have to check with C to see what nights he was working late, he launched. The gist of his bitter tirade was that I shouldn’t worry what C says, that I need to make seeing him a priority and that he’s been “too easy” on me when I have to take days off. Now please note (a) When and if I can schedule extra sessions is kinda the heart of what ‘my business’ means. (b) If C is home I’d rather spend time with him and not with Neal. (c) I’m the frigging customer, not him. I pay. I pay him. Not the other way around. I was so pissed off that I didn’t want to start a confrontation and, figuring that I was still going to have to pay my $100 anyway I just kept my (annoyed) mouth shut and carried on with the workout – which ironically was really good. I’m still not sure what to do next. He did mention that he would design a program for me using the machines at the Army gym so we’ll see.


Blah day, but weatherwise really nice. CH was more relaxed – he’s been pulled to work a big event and they’ve got him doing some ‘un-Captainly’ things – like vacuuming the conference room. He seems to be taking it all in stride. I had to fill in my weekly ‘sitrep’ with what I’ve been doing for the week – it wouldn’t be so bad but I have to put down three tasks that affect the subordinate headquarters, that aren’t routine, and that I did during the last week. That means that if I do a study for another staff, I have to relate it to our subordinates, or if all I did was routine stuff I have to make up something exceptional about them.

C found me a link to a great program I’d downloaded called iGTD – it’s donationware and is supposed to help you implement the Getting Things Done principles (see the sidebar). It’s written by a Polish guy called Bartek Bargiel. I think he can be our eye-candy for today. Hasn’t he got lovely eyes?

Sixty minutes at the gym. Really hot eye candy. đŸ™‚ Gosh, you lot must think I’m some kind of idiot going on about it. But I did have some excuse – I couldn’t find my headphones so I couldn’t watch Chuck on my iPod. I had to distract myself somehow.


Went to American Fitness in Rockville to buy some weights because, apparently, I’m too strong for the ones I have. Don’t sneer, but I had to get 20lb and 25lb dumbbells. I was a bit scared but the sales clerk was quite nice – even helped me to the car with them. Their prices are really good – less than $1/lb. Then I drove around some of the Kosher markets in Rockville, but was too self-conscious to go in, so I wound up doing my Passover shopping at Giant. I got nearly everything I need, but I still need to go out for horseradish and some other bits and bobs. As I was cruising around for dates and rasins in the dried fruit aisle, I found some yummy looking prunes, impregnated with cherry flavouring. I bought a bag to eat in the car on the way home.

Who knew prunes would go so forcefully straight through you? My rumblings abdominal have been simply phenominal.

Passover tomorrow so will be very busy. I intend to write on the strangeness of reciting words I am not sure about, but it’s late now and I have a long day tomorrow.

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  1. Karen

    Wow – 20+ pounds – that’s awesome. You are really are getting so much stronger.

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