Sunday Wet Sunday

Saturday was nice – we got the house presentable for Passover Seder and had a good one. I bungled printing my half-home made Haggadah but all in all it could have been worse. Today we just sat around listening to the rain and trying to motivate ourselves to clean up. Without vast amounts of success. I watched Bugsy Malone which we got from Netflix – it’s too bad the sound quality was so crummy. Also watched a made-for-TV movie with Adam Baldwin in it – it wasn’t too bad as these things go.

Work tomorrow unless I chuck a sickie. I still sometimes feel alone and exposed at work, like everyone knows I’m a huge fraud or something. Never sure why. I expect it will be better once I get there. I dunno. I worry about my future too much, worry about what’s to come. Sometimes life seems built on too flimsy a foundation, like it could just blow away. Sometimes, too, I feel that what’s in front of my eyes is merely a projection on a screen, and that to see what’s behind (God? Real reality?) I’d have to punch through the screen somehow, only it’s impossible. Not because it hurts you but because it keeps running ahead of you. Like the hinterreality is hydrophobic and we’re water droplets, or the other way around.

Also not looking forward to wonderboy (Neal) tomorrow evening. (a) I never made the ‘Neal Meals’ that he wanted/wants me to today – because I was too darn lay and not terribly interested, although I will do some up, (b) I’m still irritated about his outburst Wednesday and (c) there are lots of boxes that C & I will have to move from the workout area. Also, I suppose (d) – I’ve not adhered well to any kind of good eating plan. 😦

Lovely Luke

For our eye candy this day, here’s a few pictures of Luke Wilon at a premiere of his movie ‘Alex and Emma.’ Is it me or does he look a tad serious?

(How would you put a smile on his face?)

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