Sunday Funday?

Well, a bit fun. Since I last connected with you, dear readers (and others), I’ve been awfully lazy; hardly gotten to the gym and hardly done much of note in other realms of my life. Not going to the gym is on eof those things that seems such a better idea when you have it, than when you have to live with the ramifications. Come to think of it, that applies to so many things in my life from extra food to staying up too late (for nice, sober, of-late type examples) to other overindulgences (before I grew/wised up to the extent I have). So much seems better in the anticipation than in the experience. It may be really that one is best with “that sanguine expectation of happiness which is happiness itself” but sometimes expectations are unmet, aren’t they?

Would anyone be interested in seeing my cardio logs posted? I keep a list of all my steps, my ‘aerobic steps’ and the minutes I’ve done on the treadmill at the gym.

Friday we went to dinner with our chums at a kebab house; I rather overate (big surprise) but not too badly. Saturday I rescheduled Neil for Monday night; C and I wound up going to Annapolis to look at a new oven we’re thinking of buying, partially with our tax rebate check. When we pulled up to the shop it was a bit like lambs to the slaughter; three salesblokes were standing outside smoking and staring at us in the car. I felt like prey! Lunch was at a really good Italian trattoria place called Squisito in Edgewater, Maryland – it’s a local chain; those who know where I mean might want to note that there’s a location where Elsie’s used to be in Severn. We did a little frozen shopping in a gathering wind at a garden center and then went for a very nice evening with my mum and dad; we’ve never just dropped in on them before but we wound up staying from around three to around nine thirty. It was a lot nicer than usual.

After C helped me migrate from Entourage to Apple’s Mail, Address Book and iCal, we went back over there today for pizza with the family. Good time playing “Chutes and Ladders” with my niece and nephew. C is so good with children. I’m always so proud to have him in my life; proud and glad and utterly happy. Even when we’re snipping at each other, I’m just overwhelmed with good bubbly happy feelings that he’s here.

If you have a chance, check out my brother’s blog.

I’m glad/sad to report: Still no eye-candy. It’ll be back soon. I know some find it hard, possibly, or even silly, that I post ‘EC’ or make little comments about it, sometimes in red italics, but try to consider this – it’s nearly always ‘okay’ for straight men to tell other people whom they find attractive. It’s not always that way for me. So maybe they got it out of their systems some time ago. Or maybe they can always wolf whistle or make one of those ‘ugly gruntish calls’ of which I’ve read. On the other hand, I have sometimes to make a little space for myself to do the same. Just saying “he’s cute” or “that one’s hot” is a micro-coming out and I quite enjoy it. Sometimes good things do come in little packages. And sometimes not. 🙂

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