Better Pull My Socks Up!

I’ve been a bit lax of late haven’t I?  I’m sorry to all my millions (! well, many! well, some) loyal readers; I’ve been a bit disorganized of late, in sort of a fugue from reality. I’m going to have to pull my socks up, put my nose to the grindstone (a workingman’s nose job) and do better at work, rest, and play (without the Mars a day to help).

I’d love to say last week was hectic but it wasn’t. I had a severe case of reluctantitis about going to work so any slight feeling of illness sufficed to keep me away. I did get quite a bit of praise the days I was there so that was all right. Unfortunately I didn’t accomplish much at home while I was there; I’d love to say I blogged (but you’d know that was a fib) and organized my sock drawer but I didn’t. I did enjoy myself though, which on balance may not be a good thing. I also snacked rather a lot. And exercising? Not so much.

Good News From California!

Yes, finally a state will allow C and me to marry without applying some asinine old law designed to keep interracial couples from doing so. California’s Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices have decided that discrimination against me and C and people like us is wrong. So now we’re going to get married – but now I’m all a tizz trying to figure out how to arrange it – it’ll probably be a quiet act at a JP or whatever they’re called out there, and then a reception back here in Maryland.

Everything looks pretty easy for a civil ceremony but the paperwork does point out in bold that one is responsible for providing one’s own witnesses and I don’t know a soul in California; I’ll have to check to see if I can just pull somebody in off the street or from some other office or something. 😦 Every county I check with has this requirement and caveat. Oh, dear.

Other than that it’ll probably be fly out, get hitched, and come back. I know it has no legal effect in Maryland or for the federal government and won’t help C with immigration but still. I want to be married to C legally and in my heart. I’ve been married to him in my heart since the day I met him but I also want the paperwork. Who knows – maybe we’ll wind up in California for good one day.

Then the next thing-I don’t know anything about arranging a nice reception here in Maryland – I guess it’d be like a formal-ish party for fifty of our closest friends and relatives; sit down? catered outside? dancing? dee jay? band? Murph and the Murphtones?

Do I get a stripper on the stag night?  😉

What’s Really Causing Me the Jitters

Is the flight out and back. I’m big. Very big. In my heart, in my soul, in the esteem of my friends, but also in my rotundity. I’ve a misplaced halo. A wide load. I’m corpulent, chubby, husky, fat. I’m worried about having to buy an extra ticket there and back, and how that’ll feel, and about insensitive flight attendants, security personnel, and fellow passengers. I’m also worried about plane crashes, terrorism, and lost baggage. But driving over would be three days minimum. And three back. So it looks like flying is the only way. Any advice? On getting a fat seat for a phat price?

But in the end, I really want this so all my worries will dissolve eventually.

A Personal Best

I walked sixty minutes straight today, no breaks and I felt great. I’d been up to sixty minutes for some time, but normally I’d been breaking at fortyfive or thereabouts, and then dividing the remaining minutes into three chunks. But today I got to forty, and felt fine and kept thinking ‘just a few more’ until I got to fifty, and then thought ‘the heck with it, I can go on.’ Sad that all this sweat equity hasn’t built me a smaller housing, but I do eat a lot.

A Man in Tel Aviv prays on the beach

I Really Should

Become more spiritual. I found this beautiful picture of a man praying on the beach in Tel Aviv. I think it’s sublime. There must be some reason people can be so good and kind, some sort of way that life is more than a big giant math equation; perhaps in thinking in such a roundabout way, I can find some sort of transcendence? People find religion so valuable; why can’t I? It’s not like I don’t know about religion, I just never really knew it in itself.

Till next time….

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