Few Randomish Thoughts

Hello, everyone…

I just want to put up a few thoughts that have been recurring to me.

1) The weather is very beautiful; there’s no humidity and there is bright sunshine but I have to say that on one very faint barely conscious level it’s sort of disquieting. I’m used to it being humid when it’s warm and therefore, I’m used to air that I can feel, sort of a wet misty quality. When there’s no humidity you can’t see the air (no far off haze) and you can’t feel it (no dampness) so on one level it almost feels like there’s no air at all. The feeling goes away right after I notice it, right as I notice in its stead that it’s just bloody gorgeous; I’m not dripping with sweat and I feel much more cheerful when there seems to be no wet blanket between me and the universe. But still, for a moment, every now and then, it is definitely different to what I’m used to.

2) Why are there so many suicidal sparrows, gloomy grackles, and blue blue jays – I’ve had so many near encounters between my car and reckless birds swooping so close to it in the last few days. Perhaps it’s fledgelings testing their wings, but I hope to God I don’t hit one. That’d be a real tragedy; and the bird might get hurt too.

3) My psych has put me on Wellbutrin  in addition to my other happy pill. When he’s done with me I may have a permanent grin from ear to ear.  It’ll be interesting to see how the jubilantly happy half lives.

We had a nice dinner last night with my mum and dad. I hope that C doesn’t miss his parents too much. I need to do something to let him know that his parents count too, in our lives. Any suggestions? He’s so marvellous and utterly fantastic always and in all ways and he makes me so happy; I really shouldn’t need ma pillz, just a daily dose of C’s love.

More to come. Would anyone be interested in more of Alan’s pictures of Israeli hunks?  in any event, to keep you perked up, here’s our new obsession, by popular demand, Luke’s brother Owen, with some woman who once had a TV show with some friends…

Owen Wilson with Jennifer Anniston

 (Could you see about getting him Centrally Perked up?)

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One response to “Few Randomish Thoughts

  1. Karen

    Do you have birds flying into your windows, too? We used to get that a lot in CP. Is that banner at the top really Owen? I never would have guessed.

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