New Month

It’s June! Just to catch everyone up, Friday went out with the gang to our local diner which was nice and relaxing, but maybe a bit noisy. Still I like the place; they have a good variety of foods on their menu so everyone can normally find something they’ll like. Saturday Neal came over after I woke up late and did my “fitness snoozing.” Oh, well. I sometimes wonder if he’s given up on me; but then that might be good (more to come). Afterwards we went out for a good meal at the Longhorn – I am proud of myself in that I really really wanted a huge slab o’ ribs but had salmon instead. Friends came over to hang out with us that evening which meant that our errands were run on Sunday. That worked out fine; we got my dad’s birthday present, had a nice lunch at Carrabba’s in Columbia, MD (huge bowl of delicious lentil soup), some shirts for C, tried to find the ideal dining room table in the Room Store (we want a small round pedestal table with leaves), and visited Borders. In Borders I found two books I liked but decided to get them from Amazon as the price at Borders was so high.

Then we went to my Mum and Dad’s for his birthday; it went very well. My little niece and nephew were adorable, but they were tired so they got a bit…grumpy at the end. But really, aren’t they adorable?

AngloAm\'s Niece and Nephew

Giving Up on AngloAm???

Basically, I’m walking my nether regions off and not getting any thinner. So I’m going to see about changing that. Today after my doctor’s appointment C & I went to Applebees for lunch and I ordered off the Weight Watchers’ menu. No seconds for dinner. Walked 60 minutes. (Some pretty good EC too!) The reason that my impression that maybe my doctor and my personal trainer are giving up on me is somewhat of a good thing is that it called my attention to how I’m giving up on myself. It does no good to fill in my weight watchers points, and merely to bemoan my overshooting my allowance every day. It does no good to say “well, I’m exercising” and scarf up whatever crap food is brought in. Besides which on that podcast I listen to (Fitness Rocks) I learnt today that saturated fat is not just ‘bad’ for you in a sort of general sense, it’s actually harmful. As harmful as sticking a needle in your veins and injuring them. And today my doctor said that I need to follow a higher fiber diet. So bran to the rescue! Actually I like a lot of high fiber foods. Luckily we’ve programmed a lentil casserole for dinner Wednesday night (taking mum out to the Killarney House in Davidsonville tomorrow-dad was a wee bit jealous but as C pointed out she often doesn’t get to be heard and he goes out with his golf buddies (now that he’s retired)) so that’s good on the plan. Can’t keep skipping days on end from the gym, either, not if I want to be EC myself one day. And I can’t do ‘fitness snoozing’ any more either!

Till next time.


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3 responses to “New Month

  1. Karen

    They are so adorable and what an awesome picture. He looks so much older and more serious than her. You should bring them out one Friday. Do not give up on yourself. You are doing so well and you continue to get stronger and healthier. Did Neal and/or the doctor say they were giving up on you?

  2. The Equaliser

    Do not give up.

  3. Thank you both. I’m not doing that well, but feeling given up on has actually been a spur to doing better, just to prove ’em wrong. I appreciate everyone’s support.

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