Consistency is the Hobgoblin of Small Minds

Well, that phrase is my eternal comfort. Yes, here I am again, I know it’s been awhile, and I don’t have much of an excuse.

So let’s dive right in, shall we? Last Friday, the last day for which I have a clear memory, I honestly thought CH from work was going to come out to dinner with ‘the gang.’ See, the previous day (it’s all coming back to me!) I’d sat with him listening to his troubles and woes for hours after my formal quitting time and he was all like “it’d be good to have a friend.” And Friday was a day of drama with him and the people who do, maybe, or maybe not, work for him. So I thought, demoralized as he seemed to be, and as fond of Mexican food as he described himself, he’d leap at the chance to be among people at Don Pablo’s, a Mexican joint. But he never turned up. So much for ‘poor lonely’ CH. He told me he’d gone to an Iron Man Triathlon with some old friends and such. I really have got to stop letting people’s hang dog expressions get to me. Of course you’ve already guessed that attractive athletic hang dogs are better at getting to me than plain or even ‘unfortunate looking’ ones. Ah, well.

Saturday and Sunday we were in the middle of a horrible heat wave so other than seeing Neal we didn’t do much. When both the temperature and humidity are in the high nineties one tends to stay home. Monday was uneventful, but I have to let you know that Monday is my Weight Watchers on line weigh in day and I lost seven pounds from the previous Monday. Now, that’s after Sunday di pizza, Saturday when I weighed myself I’d lost nine but I’m still happy with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tuesday I was out sick and made a bit of a start editing the video from last year’s trip to the Limberlost Trail to go on our other website, I hope to be finished it by the weekend. Wednesday my dad took my brother and me out for Thai and a talk; I was stunned when he said (1) that he has aortic stenosis and (2) he’d like to talk with my brother and me about our weight. I didn’t say much as I’ve only recently rededicated myself to improving my intake and I feared a lot of patronizing jibber jabber. However, C & I invited him to lunch the weekend after father’s day and my mum said that cheered him right up.

Today has been long and tiring – sixty minutes at the gym after getting up much earlier than usual to get C off to work. Now it was also a stressful day at work for me; I don’t know why but I seemed to get on my boss’s nerves a bit more than usual. I must try to be nicer and more compliant in future. :/

Found this site on passive-aggressive (and just plain aggressive notes) on the ‘net. Way funny.

I want an iPhone, to get married to C and have a Californian coastal honeymoon, and to get my darn sites up and running. I want 45 hour days too. I want to get back into Georgian, to stop getting distracted by internet porn (would anyone be interested in a review of my favourite sites?), and to be productive at home and work.

Not just porn distracts me; I’m rushing to get this post done but I took the time to watch a pretty good movie from Netflix – “As Luck Would Have It.” What should I do? ๐Ÿ™‚ Owen Wilson seems to have a knowing look – should I ask him to organize my time? Would you trust him with your date book?

I promise to get better with the EC.

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