Saturday Smiles

Well, it was a lovely evening Friday night; my friend and co-worker G came out to dinner with us. I was so proud of C that he moved to allow G to sit next to me so he wouldn’t be uncomfortable. It’s times like that that I know I made the best/right/only choice in asking him to marry me.

I had the ‘soup and salad infinito’ but when you total it up it’s a lot of WW points. 😦 I’ll have to chose more carefully next time. I was surprised and not in a good way. I wish I could eat like my friend K; she just had a salad (no tortilla shell) with her own fat free dressing and I think, at least it seemed, that she enjoyed herself as much as the rest of us did. I would not be surprised to find out that I’ve not gone down this week. 😦 😦 😦 Must do better today (so far so good) and tomorrow before weigh in Monday. Eeeep!

Today Neal came by – I hadn’t been to the gym but I got a good workout anyway. I hate hate hate that bench. It’s too tall for me so I have to almost be helped on and off it. Did some good shoulder and upper body work so I will try to do some leg stuff later today or tomorrow.

Other than that C & I have not left the house today but I did accomplish getting the video from our 2007 trip to the Limberlost Trail edited in iMovie (quite good actually for the purpose) and up on YouTube. We hope you enjoy it. You may remember our trip from last October

The video and the pictures are on our other website whose address you either know, or can find out by e-mailing me.

Owen Wilson (on the set of You, Me and Dupree) with his sexy legs.

Now as far as eye candy goes, I found these two pictures when I googled “Owen Wilson Sexy” – apparently one other site owner thinks that Mr. O. Wilson has sexy legs. Do you?

I guess they’re not bad. Maybe he gets them from riding his bike like here, in New York (must be a brave man)…

Owen Wilson working his legs and pumping

Okay, so here’s a quiz…what is the connection between this Eye Candy, the man at the bottom here (I’ve got to learn to make better layouts!), who is a favourite of C’s, and Mr. O. Wilson…Quiz Man


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4 responses to “Saturday Smiles

  1. Karen

    Love the quiz. OK, if I’ve got the right guy (who I thought was going to be the EC when it was Luke Wilson), it’s Oliver Hudson-brother of Kate Hudson-who used to date (is dating again?) Owen Wilson. Did I get it right?

    Oh, and K was sooooooo bad on Friday. Way too many chips. Need to find a way to not eat them.

  2. That’d be it!

    Same here on Friday.

  3. Karen

    I hope Monday at WW went ok.

  4. It went very well…but…only 0.9 of a lb. I was more down Saturday but then we went to some friends for dinner and they made such great food that I overindulged. 🙂

    Down another 1.9 as of today.

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