Mid-week Quickie

Just a quickie to keep my legions of fans updated.

Sunday was a classic ‘do nothing’ day around here (although I did bake two loaves of bread), and Monday is a bit blurry in my memory. The only remarkable thing was a huge limb falling off a tree in my office parking lot, and some gorgeous rainbows I saw driving home, both due to some pretty amazing storms that blew through the area. I took this from my cell phone – sorry for the odd horizon but I was pulled over on an off-ramp on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway….

Double Rainbow after Storm

Tuesday I ‘chucked a sickie’ and worked out in the middle of the day. Megaboring. But I did make the list of all the work out equipment and things I saw in the gym as Neal asked me to. Here it is:  weight-equipment-at-gaffney

Today I did sixty good minutes after work and apart from a few matzos too many I’ve held the line on gluttony too. I really like Wendy’s Southwest Taco Salad. Because of all the little bits and pieces (salad, chili, salad dressing, tortilla strips, sour cream) you really feel like you’re getting a big deal for only six dollars or so and only 10 weight watchers points.

Movies you should see

I thought I’d share a few movies I’ve been recently watching and why you should rent them and watch them:

Three Dancing Slaves – mainly for the eye candy (F).

Campfire – good examination of a family coming to terms with the loss of the patriarch (IL)

Lilies – profoundly moving story of truth-telling years after an abusive relationship (CDN)

Lan Yu – see contemporary gay life in China with a romantic twist.

The Bubble – wow, see contemporary gay life in Tel Aviv with a political fix (this was directed by Eytan Fox who also did Walk on Water and Yossi and Jagger, which you should also see).

I’ll post more movies you should see in upcoming posts.

One more movie you should see

Devastatingly, brutally cute (to me at any rate) Hughsnews has posted this funny and thought-provoking video on YouTube…warning, NSFW language (the eff-word, a see-word, and a different eff-word, all taken from horrible homophobic comments to a previous video of his).

Owen more movie you should see

Here’s a mini-profile of current obsession Owen Wilson.


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6 responses to “Mid-week Quickie

  1. I found your blog via the WordPress tag surfer and it caught my eye that we managed to blog about the same rainbow! Your picture is gorgeous- I wish I could have captured the beauty of the double rainbow as you did.

  2. That is so cool – thank you. Wasn’t it impressive and it lasted for ages – all the way for me from Fort Meade to home in College Park.

  3. chris

    funny that u recommend ‘the bubble’… recently, i saw a documentary about yousef sweid who played the arabian gay guy… then i rented the movie on dvd, on it the add for ‘yossi and jagger’ which i rented next… and since then i am a fan of yehuda levi…=O)he is soo hot… but in a relationship with ninet tayeb (winner of israel’s version of american idol)… lucky her ;O) her music is interesting even for people not speaking hebrew… http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=LF3bgZMlcqk

    despite the fact they are getting married sooner or later (congratulations), he will remain a gay icon… in my attempt to find more material on him, i found pieces of his tv-show ha’alufa (the champion), in which yousef sweid (again) is part of the cast… (israel’s actor varity appears to be quite clear).. hearing yehuda talk hebrew is weird (since i don’t understand it) but sexy
    an he does a lot of commercials, e.g. for hot tv

    more hot yehuda-pics on

    greetz from germany

  4. Danke Chris. Ich finde Yehuda sehr geil, und auch den Yousef Sweid. Yehuda hatte auch eine kleine Rolle im “Campfire.” Yes, Yehuda is very sexy and thank you for the links and pictures, and for commenting. I’ve done a Yehuda obsession a few months back on this blog so I hope you enjoy looking through them. I may have to concentrate more on Israeli hunks; there seem to be so many.

    Again, thank you so very much for commenting!

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