About and Out

Hello everyone, here I am again.

Friday was a fairly good day until it became not so good. I honestly thought CH was going to come to dinner with our Friday Night Club but I missed his call asking for directions and he couldn’t make it. I felt awful as I’d tried to encourage him to join us – he seems sometimes a bit lonely although…maybe not. All was going well at dinner until I got all emotional about feeling self-conscious about weight lifting which I want to start. I felt like (once again) who the hell am I to try to ‘get above my station/rôle in life’

My mood nearly instantly plummeted and I felt terribly sad – like my dreamlet was dying. 😦 I recovered once C and I had a chance to talk it out. If anyone would like to give me inspiration, I’d surely appreciate it and would return the favour.

It’s going to be really hard to go work out with military hardbodies; I’m very apprehensive but C’s being very encouraging. I’ve got a good couple of books on the subject and of course Neal will make up some kind of programme for me to follow. As C pointed out I was scared of walking, and I conquered that; I was scared of going to the gym, and I conquered that. But when I was just down there to make the inventory I felt so out of place in one room (with Nautilus equipment) and utterly mystified by the Hammer Strength stuff with the odd projections and plates and strange appearances. However, as I often try to remind myself, nobody came out of a box knowing how to use it; everyone had to learn and start somewhere.

Saturday dawned (I guess; I wasn’t up to see it!) and off I went to the gym to sweat my ass off in the heat, see the remarkable lack of eye candy, and only do 50 minutes of walking. Neal came by and I did some upper body work. I have graduated to 25lbs in each hand on the chest press! C mowed the lawn and did a really nice job tidying up the rampant growth that this damp spring has fostered.

When I took my post Neal shower I weighed myself and I’d lost about six pounds since Monday. I’m sure most of it is water weight and on official weigh-in day I’ll have gained about two-three of those back but still!  🙂

We went to a really delicious middle eastern restaurant in Laurel where I had a great lunch of felafel, hummus, cucumber salad and naan. From there we checked out the location of the Melting Pot in Columbia where C and I are going for dinner next week and then to the Apple Store in Columbia Mall to play with the iPhone. I really want one. I really really want one so bad. But I like having landware’s Pocket Quicken on my Treo so I really really really hope that it will be available in a Quicken format.

On the way home we decided to stop in Panera for a drink and a snack and on a whim I texted CH to invite him over.  What do you know he was driving by and pulled in and sat and chatted with us – for three hours! I was so glad that he didn’t think I was some kind of jerk for not getting back to him yesterday evening in time. On the way home through a bit of a storm we decided to grab dinner from Burger King – I had the veggie burger and C the whopper.

Now…I always think that it’s good to get as much instruction as possible in exercise so here are four – count ’em, four – videos of our old friend Michael Lewis teaching us how to move our bodies. I think one of them may be a repeat but can you ever get enough of ML’s goodness?

(Does he get you moving?)


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3 responses to “About and Out

  1. paul

    C suggested I actually make a comment, other than telling him you had a very professionally organized site! Hope your workouts work out!

  2. Thanks, Paul – I liked your journal too. That music video made on a mac was way cool.

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