Saturday Sunshine

Well, it’s been an eventful week.

Unfortunately I haven’t exactly been to the gym much this week. Monday I don’t know why – I took the day off so I could go in the morning when it wouldn’t be so crowded, but the allure of sitting around the house was a bit too…well…alluring. Tuesday I had an appointment in the evening, Wednesday I was just plain lazy, Thursday I managed ten minutes before a hideous cramp did me in and I really didn’t work out properly until Friday, fifty minutes. But it was okay.

I also kinda overate this week, mostly on Wednesday; I had a four-piece fried chicken dinner. Yikes! 😦

iPhone G3

Hi, Phone

Friday, as you probably know already, the iPhone 3G went on sale and C went to our local AT&T store to buy two for us (white, 16 Gb). We got there at 7:30 and there already were about fifty people in line. C waited four hours, mostly in the burning sun, watching the store sell out, just to pre-order the iPhones for us. I’m very disappointed we weren’t able to get ours but I’m sure they’ll be here by and by. Something tells me that the “one or two days” forecast from the store is a bit optimistic; I’ll honestly be surprised if they are in our hands by next Friday. But one must have hope!

Hi, Friend

Friday my attempts to coax my coworker CH proved fruitful and he showed up for dinner with the group at Plato’s diner. I must say I had a good time; it’s nice to see him relaxed away from work, although I do think I tend to run at the mouth. I had a nice kotopita with a salad and a soup.

More Movies You Should See

Here’s a follow up to the previous list of movies you should see:

Catch a Fire – Set in South Africa during the apartheid years, it’s the story of how one peaceful, apolitical man’s encounter with the system radicalized him and turned him into a terrorist (or a freedom fighter, depending on your point of view.)

As Luck Would Have it – Swiss movie about a gay man who suddenly and unexpectedly finds himself a guardian of a teenage delinquent (due to a rather odd law). The movie is very real and unpretentious and the story of how the closted judge finally comes out thanks to the influence of his very authentic charge, is a surprising delight.

A Love To Hide – rather affecting French movie about a pair of male lovers in Nazi-occupied France, who take in a Jew to hide her from the Gestapo, and about revenge and family and prodigal sons. Definitely you should see this movie.

Gay Republicans – a documentary about a strange and somewhat troubling form of life.

Crossing the Line – a documentary about James Dresnok who defected from the US to North Korea during the Cold War. A defender of democracy and a good old southern boy turned loyal communist and patriotic follower of the Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and the Juche Idea. It’s fascinating to see his handsome, tall, blond-haired blue-eyed utterly Caucasian son who is totally Korean, in accent and outlook. I wonder if that’s how people from overseas feel when they see Americans of different ethnic backgrounds – they look one way but act/think/speak utterly in contradiction to what one expects. (60 Mintues showed a big chunk of the dokko.)

Who is he?

Yes, our new big obsession is indeed Who…Dr. Who. The tenth Doctor is played by oddly handsome skinny boy in a suit David Tennant. I’d seen him first in Casanova on PBS and thought he was inexplicably sexy. Now he’s playing in Doctor Who and he remains incredibly erotic looking yet not ‘classically handsome.’

Here he is in Casanova:


Here are two more shots of Mr. T., taken when he was leaving the BBC Radio 2 studios after an interview. Again, I’d never call him model materiel but definately obsession materiel. To see his lovely self closer, as always, just do the mouse thing with him.

And Who is He?

A few more shots of our mini-obsession, Ricardo Baldin, continuing to enjoy his Speedos…

(Blue seems to be his color)

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