Weekend Update

Oh, wait, that’s been copyrighted, I think. Oops.

Anyway, here’s a quick update on my weekend so far… Saturday I didn’t go to the gym.  Sunday I didn’t go to the gym. Saturday I didn’t enter my WW data. Sunday I didn’t enter my WW data. I am not happy with myself for that. I will try to catch up before I go to bed or tomorrow. I’m dreading weighing myself tomorrow. Must do better.

Saturday we bemoaned our inability to get an iPhone and went to a little Italian market to get tagliatelle and fettucine and espresso (decaf – yeay!) and Bulgarian feta. Sunday we watched most of the BBC’s “Sense and Sensibility” on PBS (much darker than the Emma Thompson version, I found but I did like this Colonel Brandon over Alan Rickman’s) and then went to my mum and dad’s to celebrate my charming niece Remy’s third birthday. Photos to follow!

Handsome Headshots

Speaking of photos, here is a nice big one of Mr. Tennant, the gorgeous Glaswegian. Try not to drool on your keyboard!

(I wouldn’t mind riding on his Tardis, would you?)


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5 responses to “Weekend Update

  1. Karen

    Friday dinner was nice – tho I did miss K. It was, too, to meet CH. Hope things were better than anticipated this morning for you. I didn’t exactly work out as much as I should have last week either. But I kinda made up for it yesterday working in the yard (mowing grass, pulling weeds, taking down trees). Now if I could just manage the intake thing a little better.

  2. Somehow I managed to be down 1.8 pounds Monday morning.

  3. Karen

    That is freakin’ awesome!!!! You are doing so well it’s inspiring.

  4. marcl1969

    So no gym + pasta + espresso = weight loss… Hmm, gotta be a way to make money out of that diet!

  5. Karen

    And yesterday I had 20 minutes AM walking + 1 egg b’fast + 1 tomato lunch + popcorn snack + 7 oz lamb, 1/2 ear corn dinner + 45 minutes PM walking + 20 minutes on total gym = 3 pound gain. Well, that and I got an unexpected visitor this morning.

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