Oooo ‘eck!

It’s been a while – my apologies.

Last week I was so out of it – and I finally figured out why. I use a CPAP machine to help me with my sleep apnea and one of the hoses was loose, so I wasn’t getting enough pressure…or a full night’s sleep. No wonder I was so groggy most of the time.

So what happened?  Well, not only was I groggy I was mostly too tired to go work out…which meant that I gained weight this past week. 😦 The week sort of slipped by, with me as a bystander; I was so sleepy. It’s been pretty rough.

New Toy!

Well, C and I have our newest toy, aka our birthday presents to each other, aka our iPhones. I love it and I’m very impressed with the quality of the pictures on the screen, the ease of use, and the ability to surf the net from nearly everywhere. Two missing things are:

  • An application to sync my iCal to-do lists with the iPhone and back – I use them to remind myself of people to call, errands to run, etc., all in the GTD spirit and not having them on my iPhone the way I did on my Treo is a bit annoying, especially since iCal is an Apple application.
  • A way to sync financial transactions into Quicken, like PocketQuicken worked on the Treo.

I downloaded the WordPress application which supposedly will allow me to connect to this blog from anywhere I can get a cellular signal and blog. I say supposedly because when I try to work it, it returns this odd error; I’ll keep trying and later on I’ll look the error up and see what is what. If I get it working you may see more and shorter posts, with pics, as well as the big long ones.


Yes, once I got the ‘snoz machine’ (CPAP) working I was able to do a real workout yesterday evening and felt great. I also had an Unexpected Moment. There is a gent who works out there who never says ‘hi’ to me or anyone. He’s very serious, I think he comes in twice a day to go on the elliptical and the treadmill, works out like a robot and marches out. Whenever I try to catch his eye to say “hello” I either fail or he ignores me.

So yesterday evening he was on the treadmill next to me and I thought I’m not going to take any notice of him (which was easy since Pointy Hair Handsome Guy was back playing basketball). We finished our workouts (my walking, his robot running) at the same time and he ‘beat’ me to the dispenser of gym wipes one uses to clean off the machines and (get this) he got one wipe out and handed it to me (wordlessly of course). I was flabberghasted. Perhaps he’s not such a sourpuss at all.

More to come later….

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  1. sleepwellandlive

    If you’re interested, there’s a new website called

    It’s meant to tell personal success stories about CPAP use to others on CPAP.

    Steve Gardner

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