Monday x 2

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my Monday.

First off, we had a very nice weekend. Friday evening the ‘gang’ went to the Longhorn steak house, where I didn’t have ribs, but did have lots of appetizers and half of a huge dessert. So that wasn’t a success. However, by Monday over the week in toto I’d lost another 2 pounds.

Saturday after Neal C & I ran a few errands, same Sunday. Pizza Saturday, C cooked a delicious dinner Sunday though. Mmmmm I do love his cooking. But then I do love him!

Saw a fantastic movie from Netflix – “Stonewall.” You should see it. We also saw “State of Mind” about mass gymnastics in North Korea. You should see that one too.

Today I got to the gym – first time since Friday, and did sixty minutes (break at 50, 55). Not much EC but just enough to keep things tolerable. (Thursday last week was like hunks parade in the gym. I didn’t know where to look. Or, rather, where not to look!)

Couldn’t find my iPod so had to ‘make do’ with Chuck and Little Britain on the iPhone. (iPhone sayz yehs, dunnit?)

So what haven’t I been doing?

Well, I’ve not written out the WW goal for my counsellor or for you, dear reader.

I’ve not gone near Georgian in ages.

I’ve not done a lot of things on my list of resolutions. I keep making lists of things to do, and not doing them. Even at work although I’m finishing up a major project – now all I have to do is become an instant Access wizard. (G-d help me!)

C may have found me a great piece of software for … well … managing my to-do lists in context with the iPhone. I hope.

Speaking of Eye Candy

Here are a few shots of our favourite nine hundred year old time lord, looking scrumtiously scruffy…just click on his scruffiness to make him expand before your very eyes.

And here’s 19-year-old(!) Ricardo Baldin again, proving that blue still is his color….

(Work hard and you can have abs like that or be lazy and stick around my blog!)

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