Good Sore (But Does it Have to Hurt This Much?)

I’m good sore. 🙂

My Ogio locker bag - it's great!

My Ogio locker bag

Yesterday, I did my upper body – pulldowns (70-70-80 lbs), compound rows (50-65-80), preacher curls (35-40-40), the pec deck (35-40-40) and something called the vertical chest (35-45-45). (Is all this boring you?) My poor little biceps still hurt a bit when I stretch my arm out fully so I might go easy on them tomorrow and I need to work more on my big muscle groups (lats, traps, and pecs). (Well, big is a relative term!) I topped it off with 50 minutes on the treadmill.

Today lower body work again, with a bit more poundage ‘just because.’ I am a bit worried about my poor arms though – maybe tomorrow I’ll just do light cardio, or even take the day off. (Any advice?)

Sailors prepare to lower the flag

Not much else to report

Other than us having sailors to let down the flag today and yesterday.

(Sorry, no Mr. Tennant or Mr. Baldin today, more to come, I promise.)

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