The Return

It’s not been a great week. Friday before last there was a very nasty experience at our house. I won’t go into what happened, those who know us know, but it was very traumatic and we’re both not fully recovered, but we are on the mend.

It was really depressing; the week preceeding the very unpleasant event was going so well and then I was really knocked sideways. C was great; he had this stress plus the stress of his boss at work being away, and he handled it all with his usual grace and aplomb. Not me. My nadir was Tuesday evening; I was a real basket case as I inventoried and reinventoried, obsessed and re-obsessed over, all the elements of my life that I thought were going to have to be put on indefinite hold – mostly my working out. I felt like I had screwed up the courage to get into the weight room and then the unhappy happening happened and I couldn’t ever ever every go back. C said one sentence which was simple and wise and I was well on my way back from the extreme doldrums.

New Bag

All this means that there isn’t much to report for the past week; I was half the week ‘out of it’ and the other half rushing around trying to take steps to reverse the remaining problems and such arising from the horrible incident. I do know that my friends have been great and very supportive, as has my family been, and of course C.

We had a much better weekend; we researched luggage for the trip to Cali to get hitched, and settled on two ‘spinners’ by American Tourister – we got a great great deal at Kohl’s – sixty percent off. And we also booked C’s birthday trip to Lambertville and New Hope. So that was good. We had dinner with our good friends K & D & J and were very glad to hear they had a great weekend downey ayshin.

I managed to see Neal the Personal Trainer Saturday, and I also got to the gym a few times, but it’s all going to have to go great guns this coming week. I’m sure I’ve put on a great deal of the weight I lost over the last few days, which distresseth me greatly. Blame the trauma, a buffet lunch on Monday, and being a bit…well…a lot upset (and finding in being upset a great excuse).

But as I say, that’s stopping starting now.

I hope it is at least; I may have to manage my time tomorrow carefully as I may have to do more errands connected with the unpleasant event, at least, since each errand brings us closer to putting it completely behind ourselves, I hope I will have to. All I have to do is have the fortitude not to go to the new Chinese buffet in Laurel that’s been calling my name. I must try to remember the time I went to one in Alexandria (VA) and got food poisoning. Must remember that and not (yet) another escape into the wonderful world of forgiving comforting soft food. Must concentrate on the ‘second coming’ of that other soft food, rendered not so forgiving or comforting by inadequate temperature control and possibly bacillus coli (not my old school motto!).

Two Movies You Really Should See

You really should see Stonewall, with Fred Weller and Guillermo Diaz. If for nothing else the great soundtrack with lots of good songs by the Shangri-Las and the Ad-Libs and for the costumes, and the romance, and the revolution. I got it from Netflix and liked it so much I’d ordered my very own copy before I mailed it back! Since it’s not too filthy at all, I hope to ‘screen’ it for my friends soon.

You should also see Guys and Balls which is a story about a gay soccer player who, on being kicked off his team in small town Germany when they find out his ‘secret’ forms his own all-gay team and challenges his erstwhile pals to a match.

Oh, I can’t help it – here’s the most romantic bit from Stonewall…our heros have just come from getting La Miranda out of being drafted. The scene on the subway is soooo romantic, and the lip synching by the DQs to “Here Comes My Guy” is soooo good. I’ve already watched this film about six times.

…and I may just become a (hunky) Fred Weller fan–look for him in an obsession near you (in time that is). (Well, Fred’s hunky, not so sure about me….)

Speaking about obsessions, watch for our handsome hibernian and barely legal Baldin soon. And a clue to the next obsession – he could be my bodyguard, but not Steve’s brother. Correct answers on with a SAE may get a special prize, depending on my mood….

(I know I’m in Love L-U-V with my very own C)


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4 responses to “The Return

  1. Sorry about the stressful times. Glad your guy was so calm and supportive. Hope things get happier soon. That guy in the Stonewall clip reminds me slightly of a younger Gale Howard from Queer as Folk, which I was completely addicted to. Is the last guy Marshall the Marshall from “In Plain Sight”?

  2. Now that you mention it he does look like Gale Howard. 🙂 No, he’s not Marshall from “In Plain Sight” — you’ll see who he is! 🙂

  3. bloonsterific

    Just wanted to tell you all know how much I appreciate your postings guys.
    Found you though google!

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