Still At Sixes and Sevens With The World

Happy Labor Day. How was your holiday weekend?

C and mine was pretty good. Saturday morning we went to celebrate his birthday in Lambertville, NJ. Because of some errands connected to the very unpleasant event, we didn’t actually leave town until about 2:00 pm and the traffic going up I-95 towards Delaware from Baltimore was horrible. We shunpiked around the notorious Delaware tolls and still had to detour around what looked to be eight to ten miles of stopped traffic. 😦 Once toward Philly the going got a lot better.

In Philly I’d really wanted to go to either Pat’s King of Steaks or Geno’s for lunch but after winding our way through South Philly we found that the crowds outside both were just too much – there had to be nearly 100 people outside each – and we pressed on to our hotel in Princeton.

Sunday morning we went back to the Inn at Lambertville Station for our third visit to their lovely brunch. They have plenty of delicious things from made-to-order eggs benedict to a steamship round and taco salads and gravlax and a billion desserts, among other delicacies light and substantial. On the left is a picture of the view from our table over the Delaware River across to New Hope, in Pennsylvania.

We came back to Maryland via northern Delaware (again!) and stopped for a sit down and relax in Chestertown, Maryland, on the Chester River. This was taken from the river walk at the end of High Street.

The lovely relaxing weekend was capped off by our visiting our friends who live on Kent Island in the Chesapeake Bay and going out to dinner with them at a decent little Italian place.

Today, However…

I wasn’t so good. I went to the gym a bit later than I planned, and didn’t really do much. What kept going through my head was panicky thoughts of Neal coming, having to go to Lowe’s to iron out something to do with the very unpleasant event, and and and. To add insult to injury, I left behind my pen that I use to record my weight lifting with, or dropped it or whatever. I am not using the very unpleasant event as an ‘excuse.’ I honestly feel that things are somehow pointless. Like the Friday of the V.U.E. I was riding high and it all came crashing down and I want to be over this feeling. I just don’t know how. I was very very tense trying to do my walking and never did get to the weight room despite thinking I wanted too. I think sometimes I hate having errands to do after visiting the gym; I feel pressured to get it done in a short time.

To Raise My Spirits

I’ve decided to change my obsession from our sexy skinny one to the beefy one whose eyes are above. Any guesses as to whom it may be?

This Might Get ‘Em Up, Too

Here’s Ricardo Baldin, demonstrating the value of clean underwear…

(His whities are really tighty, aren’t they?)

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  1. Well, that answers my question! It is definitely the inimitable Adam Baldwin. I’m so sorry you’re feeling in the doldrums lately. I have to admit I spent a day like that today. Too much partying (not my norm) last night, and today I could not get my butt in gear for anything. Seeing you’ve just been through an unpleasant event, I think you deserve to give yourself a break. Then tomorrow you can work even harder without any guilt. Besides, your muscles need the rest to grow. Chin up, soon.

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