What a Day for a Deluge!

Well, actually Tropical Storm Hanna wasn’t much of an event; just a bit chilly and a bit windy and…well…not much else.  How was it for you? I don’t think our vacation coming up will be ruined but I’m going to call the rental company tomorrow (Monday) to find out if it’s still in habitable/enjoyable condition.

So How Was Your Week

Mine was…okay…Tuesday I wasn’t feeling well, so I stayed home. Didn’t really get much done. Why is it that you can get so much more done in your plans for a free day than when the free day actually arrives? Wednesday I went to the gym I normally go to and wow, what a shock! It was closed for renovations. With no warning! I was pretty despondent as I drove away – I really really wanted to go that night. There is an alternate gym on base (mentioned on the sign and shown in this rather poor picture on the right) and I went past that but it looked so crowded and I didn’t want to brave it. I did find out that all the cardio machines from the one gym had been moved there, which was a good sign, so Thursday I went. I don’t like it as much; the locker room is much more open, but an advantage was that I got to see ‘Happy Dave’ changing – man is he taut. There can’t be an ounce of fat on him. Very lithe and firm, but not bulky. And as usual happy and chatty. After my 58 minutes I sat where the guys were playing basketball as I usually do and he and I commiserated with each other over how hot that room was – it was really stifling. However as he said he “doesn’t mind sweating.” And I don’t mind watching him.

Neal came Thursday, gassed for an hour so I only got 15 minutes of strength training. <grr>

Friday was good too, quiet at work. It was a bit funny though, halfway through the morning CH (the solider) basically told me that since I didn’t come chat to him the afternoon before (wasting my time and cutting into my workout) he … well … missed me. Too bad, CH; I need to be either earning comp time or at the gym or on the way to pick up C. Twice last week my listening to his “conversation” mostly about his troubles made me so late that I didn’t go work out.

Which is a new development. It seems now that being so nervous about (a) the unpleasant event and (b) the new gym has made me weird about having ‘enough time’ there. If I can’t find at least two hours or more I get very tense. Strange. Like today (Sunday) I had ‘big plans’ to go work out this morning, but slept in, and then decided that three hours weren’t going to be enough. Real concern or convenient excuse? You tell me; I’m leaning to the second one. Remember, I’m the guy who went off base, got gas at a station four miles away, and drove back through rush hour traffic just to work out.

And I can’t go tomorrow night because I’ve another engagement. 😦 And Wednesday night I’m taking C and my mum out to dinner after working out (my dad’s in El Paso seeing my uncle who’s just had a heart attack). And Thursday night Neal comes again. Ah, well. I have found a gym in Pawleys Island.

Sturm und Drang

Yesterday TS Hanna passed over – not much except driving rain and a bit of wind. We took our car in to have the passenger side front window relooked at; again they say they can’t duplicate the loud banging noise that we hear. At least it’s on record that they’ve looked at it. Splashed around in a rental car doing errands and getting lunch, but had our own back to go to my mum and dad’s for C’s birthday celebration. Once I have approval from the birthday boy I’ll post some pictures. Our niece was adorable – she loves birthdays (anyone’s) and cake.

A Movie You Really Should See

You really should see “The Lives of Others.” Yes, it’s in German with subtitles. Yes, it’s set in the former German Democratic Republic (East Germany). And yes, it’s two hours and seventeen minutes long. But it’s simply amazing, a real masterpiece. It shows in precise detail just how life in that shitty little country was. Here’s the trailer. It won an Oscar last year for the best foreign film.

Speaking of Videos

Here’s a cute one of cute Adam Baldwin singing a tribute to the “Firefly” episode “The Hero of Canton.”

Who knew he could sing and look so good in a knit orange cap? He reminds me sometimes (physically) so much of C, so big and tall and comforting. C lying beside me, one arm over me, is my idea of heaven. I burrow into our bed, and his side, and feel like nothing bad can touch me, safe in the dark with him. 🙂 I love him so much. I never thought ever that I’d be as happy as I am with him. I never believed it possible.

Speaking of Good Looking Men

Here’s Ricardo Baldin wet, wild, wonderful and whitey-tightey’d for you….

(We wouldn’t want anything to drop down, now would we?)



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5 responses to “What a Day for a Deluge!

  1. Hello.

    I would like to put a link to your site on my blog roll if you want to do the same for mine. It would be a good way to build up both of our readerships.

    thank you.

  2. I’m glad the TS didn’t hit you worse. Our honeymoon got extended by a hurricane in the Bahamas. The whole hotel was taped up from top to bottom and withstood the storm well, but the littler islands got pretty much flattened. I have the same thing with working out lately, although in my case it is just long walks up and down local hills. If I don’t have at least 1.5-2 hours I tend to skip it. So today, even though I only had an hour, I just put in a few miles and decided it was (much) better than nothing. I can try to do another hour or so this evening. That Adam Baldwin clip cracked me up. I was sickly addicted to Firefly.

  3. Thank you Rick and I’ve put your blog on my blog roll!

  4. Thank you Beka. I’m glad you escaped well.

    A few miles is great! Nothing to feel bad about at all.

    I’m sickly addicted to Chuck.

  5. rico..rico…hermoso….cachondo

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