Wish Me Luck

Please wish me luck.

Dammit I am going to the gym tonight.

And dammit I am going to do 20 minutes cardio and then a whole-body lifting. Depending on how much I have left in me afterwards I’ll do the other 40 I ‘owe’ the treadmill.


I am sick sick sick to death of effing around. If I keep this up how will I get to be big and built and intense, like Adam Baldwin, here in a screen cap from the pilot episode of ‘Chuck?’

(Don’t you have to wonder how big he can get?)


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2 responses to “Wish Me Luck

  1. Karen

    Didn’t see this yesterday – was crazy busy at work. Did you make it to the gym? My treadmill is not working again. I’m thinking about looking for a new one but don’t know if we can swing it.

  2. Yes, yesterday and today. I’m back!!!!!

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