A Much Needed Break

C and I are back from our well-deserved and much-needed break and vacation. We went for a week to a beach house in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. With everything that’s been happening we really needed the relaxation and luckily we got it.


Saturday we drove down – it’s about eight hours or so. We took the Beltway around to MD 5 Branch Avenue to Waldorf, picked up US 301 South over the Governor Nice Bridge, past Dahlgren, Fort A. P. Hill, along the new Bowling Green bypass and went on to I-95 South. The gas stations near I-95 were asking a mind-boggling $4.50 for a gallon, perhaps price gouging in response to Hurricane Ike. We took I-295 around Richmond and rejoined I-95 out of Virginia, through North Carolina, and into South Carolina. Exiting onto SC 38 we joined US 501 at Latta, SC, and took that down to SC 707 through Socastee bypassing Myrtle Beach and on to US 17 South to Pawleys. The house we rented, “762 McInnes” in this web site of the company renting it out is the third to last on the island, all the way down at the south end.

Monday – Friday

We did very little except sit on the beach or the deck, swim in the ocean, or laze around the house. And boy did we need it. We didn’t squabble or stress once the whole time.

Here are some pictures C and I took…click on each to make it bigger and the bigger image to render it in full glorious size – for the first time I’m so proud of the views that I recommend seeing them as big as possible.  I don’t know why the captions are printed so LARGE!…


Drove back the same way, except didn’t bypass Richmond (drove straight through), gas was cheaper, and we took I-95 all the way back to the Beltway (big mistake!). I was looking for a Starbucks to get a caffeine jolt and take a pit stop; C valiantly tried to guide me through Richmond and up the highway to one, but the only one we could find was actually inside King’s Dominion which was closed.


Oh, and I did work out once during the trip, ate okay and am ditching Neal. I’m really p’ssed off that (for example) he asked me to get a list of all the equipment at the gym to write me up a routine, and then never did; I had to do all the research myself (figured out that it’s best to stick to compound exercises first, for example) and all he did was go ‘uh huh’ when I showed him my list.

And then the last time he came over he talked for 60 minutes of my 75 minute work out session, and this after my having told him I was unhappy with the time spent yacking.


More to come! Goodness, it’s sad that I don’t have a pre-made category for “Fun.” <clicks> There, I’ve made one for this post.

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