At the Beach, there is Water

And water renders things wet.

Here are two pictures of our obsessional man, Adam Baldwin. In the first, a screen shot from his time on “The X Files” Mr. B is getting ready to drink some water, while in inspiringly jock-ish clothing.

In the second, a screen shot from ‘Chuck,’ (Episode “Chuck versus the Undercover Lover”) Mr. Baldwin as NSA Agent Casey is resplendent but dripping in his tux, with Zach Levy as Chuck. (They’d just fought off some bad guys while being tied to two-back to back chairs, but the last bad guy shoved them off a 12th storey balcony into the pool from which they are emerging.)

Speaking of which

I’m letting friends and family know now-the premiere of Season Two of Chuck is Monday, 29 September and I will not be taking phone calls or visitors during the show. Only C may interrupt with actual bleeding or emergency. Everyone else, call me after it’s done and I’ve settled down (give me ten minutes or so to recover).

(How would you like to see Adam Baldwin dripping?)


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3 responses to “At the Beach, there is Water

  1. You sound like my husband! He loves that show! I don’t think Adam Baldwin dripping is the incentive, although he is a big fan, ever since “My Bodyguard”. Did you ever see that movie? A must for the Adam Baldwin fan. Here’s a montage of movie photos that you may like just for the first shot of Adam:

  2. I haven’t seen “My Bodyguard” although I shall, now that I’ve found out that Mr. B was at least 18 when he made it – I won’t feel like such a pervert!

    Neat link – thanks!!!!

    Your husband has good taste in movie actors and charming ladies, I see. 🙂

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