Less than 24 Hours!!!!

Less than 24 hours until Chuck comes back on!

To Catch Everyone Up

Last week was tiring but good. I guess I’ve conquered the re-fearing the gym because I went every evening except Friday and also on Saturday, and back to the weight room as well. 🙂 I took some pictures, somewhat surreptitiously with my cell phone camera (so sorry for the poor quality) from where I do my treadmill walking (in one of the shots you can see somebody in a black shirt on one of the treadmills I use). The pictures are of “Pointy Hair Guy” whom I’ve mentioned before (tall, lanky, oddly sexy in a “wow what does he look like naked” kind of way) and of “Happy Dave” whom I’ve also mentioned before (very inspiring, loves basketball, always grins and chats with me). I hope you like them.

I’ve made some gains in strength too – but it’s going to be tough having to go up in five pound increments each time. I may (irony of ironies) have to go between Gaffney and McGill fitness centers as McGill has these little extra plates that weigh only 2 1/2 pounds that you can slot on top of the weight stacks. Anyway, we’ll have to see how it all goes.

In Other News

Not much really. First week officially without Neal. That puts $400 into our budget each month. I’ve been internally debating taking some of that and putting it towards a treadmill or home gym for cold winter evenings or whatever, but I’m not sure. What do you think? I worry that (a) I won’t use it and (b) it’ll be too big to sit in the basement where it has to go. Most of this week it was easy to go to the gym – I was motivated. I am leaning away from getting something for the house…but who knows?

C as usual is wonderfully supportive. I find that sometimes I remember the times I’ve snapped at him or been mean/angry/nasty to him and I wish I could take them back. He’s got such a gentle fierce love and a deep-rooted chesed to him. I’ve been trying to remember that he’s everything to me but he’s also just a person, with a person’s ability to take my snapping/meanness/anger/nastiness, not a superhuman’s, and I think I’ve been less prone to becoming snappish/mean/angry/nasty.

Friday we went to Longhorn with our friends except CK who said it was becoming a ‘burden’ to come along. ??? CH did his usual stunt of telling me he would come, or dropping huge hints, and then not. Saturday we didn’t do much, today (Sunday) we had a nice afternoon in Glen Burnie, Maryland, shopping and running errands. I cooked a very acceptable roast leg of lamb, with butternut puree (because I intended to parboil the butternut, and wound up cooking it too long) and peas. I think I may have put on weight this week though; Friday was a hog fest. 😦 Tonight (overnight) I’m going to try roasting chick peas from the crock pot bloggist’s site. Wish me luck!

A Movie You Should Not Watch

Prince In Hell. Apparently living in Germany in a time of peace and prosperity is so ‘terrible’ and ‘dreary’ that people should eschew washing themselves, engage in raunchy but unerotic sexy, and take lots of heroin. And the rest of us should feel very sorry for them and find their stories, which actually are terrible and dreary, interesting. I didn’t.

A Site You Should Visit

Photoshop Disasters. “It’s funny because it’s true.”

In Eye Candy

Well, in addition to the cuties above (trust me, the photos are terrible looking, PHG and HD aren’t!) (God, I feel such a perve!) (maybe because I am!) here’s two of Adam Baldwin looking big and yummy. Ricardo Baldin’s becoming a bit boring for me, so I’ll probably pick another Brazilian Beauty for our minor obsession.

Of course, I was thinking about Sakis Rouvas the other day. I do miss his smiling willingness to get his kit off or don skin-tight leather jeans…and since it’s my blog I will post a pic to get you thinking about him too!

(Has that got you thinking, hard?)


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6 responses to “Less than 24 Hours!!!!

  1. You and my honey are waiting anxiously for Chuck to return. I am so glad you are back at the gym. It is a scary feeling to think you might lose all the progress you’ve made. At least that’s how I feel from time to time. How did the roasted chick peas turn out? I am going to have to try the falafel recipe too. I am a sucker for good falafel, preferably with avocado and pickled turnip. Mmmmm.

  2. Karen

    So. . . . how was Chuck?

  3. Beka: Wasn’t it a great episode? Thanks for your thoughts. The roasted chick peas were nice, not really salty enough. They weren’t crunchy exactly, more sort of leathery. Once I got over that they weren’t as crunch as corn nuts I liked ’em. The cayenne might be a bit much for kids to take tho. Let me know how the felafel turns out. I like it with chopped cucumber and tomato and mint.

  4. It was great, Karen. Casey nearly had to eliminate Chuck because Chuck was nearly replaced by a new, improved Intersect. Chuck got closer to Sarah and to Casey too. Sarah no longer works at Wienerlicious but at a yogurt place. Morgan’s hair looks different. Casey looks v. hot in a SWAT outfit. (I wonder if beka’s honey noticed that too?) This show may be better than S&H.

  5. Karen

    Better than S&H?? Does that mean in oh, say, 20 or so years we’ll be watching the DVDs with you?

  6. Or less. The DVD for Season 1 is already out….

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