How’s It Going, AngloAm?

Going well, thanks for asking!

Friday my marvellous friends and we went to a Mongolian BBQ – yummy. I’m basically over inviting CH from work. He likes to be invited, I think, so he can feel important. Of course, it’s way more rewarding from him if I, puppy-dog like, keep asking him to come out with us. I think I’ll give it a rest. He’s not that good looking, and he’s definitely not that interesting.

Saturday my husband and I (I sound like Queen Elizabeth at Christmas, don’t I?) were supposed to work out/cut the grass/be productive. Beep! Nope. We lazed about. Sunday we lazed about until it was time to go visit my parents.

Work today wasn’t bad, honestly. Our financial adviser came by tonight to deliver the news that we’re doing quite well, actually, our debt isn’t high at all, our net worth has increased, and our plans are proceeding apace. He would like us to set aside more money for our retirement which I think we can do…stopping Neal will make it easier. He’d also like us to buy more shares as they’re on sale right now. We had a big salad for dinner and a lovely dessert C made with strawberries, Splenda, Sauternes, and sweetened fage (Greek yogurt very thick and mild and yummy and fat free). Mmmmmm. Mind you, because of buying hotdogs at work I’m way over my points for today. 😦

I know, I know, we still haven’t painted the door. I never worked out. (I still somehow managed to lose two pounds.)

A Thought You Should Ponder

I keep wondering (sorry, wonderin’) if we’re going to wake up in November to the reality of a sick old man being between us and a Palin Presidency (you betcha!). What are your thoughts? At least she’ll be certifiably free of the menace of witchcraft. I’m one of the four or five people who didn’t see the Saturday Night Live episode with La Palin on, but I doubt I missed much. Seriously – this woman will negotiate with foreign leaders, not just Putin when he ‘rears his head,’ on our behalf. Will direct the machinery of the federal government. Will represent the Presidency in dealings with congressmen who had their first bribes before she even graduated high school. (She did graduate high school, right?) And she’s a small-town mayor and two-year governor of Alaska. How hard can it be to be the governor of Alaska? The state’s awash in oil money and everyone votes Repug anyway.

Some Adamy Goodness

Chuck was on tonight – it was fantastic. In honor thereof, here is some Adam Baldwin goodness; some black and white goodness and some goodness from last week’s episode.

And Some Brazilian Goodness

Our newest mini-obsession is Brazilian model Thiago Serpa. I was noodling around and got stopped in my tracks by this 20 year old from Niteroi near Rio de Janeiro. I think it was his little sly smile that did it for me. Here’s the first installment – I hope you like him as we may be seeing quite a bit of him over the next few weeks. Try to wipe the drool off your monitor.

(Que Bom Gato!)


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3 responses to “How’s It Going, AngloAm?

  1. Karen

    D & I didn’t see SNL either.

  2. I think it’s fun to say “my husband” for a while. It’s one of the great perks of marriage. I am so hoping Prop 8 doesn’t pass here. That dessert your honey made sounds fabulous. As far as hot dogs go, when I’m craving them I tend to go for Hoffy’s extra lean one. They aren’t super flavorful, but htey only have 45 calories each. I load on the sauerkraut which has hardly any calories, and then I can have a couple of them with no guilt. Remember, though, that hot dogs are full of nitrites. I always serve orange slices with them, since citrus fruits inhibit nitrite absorption by your body.

    That was a great episode of Chuck. Did you love the shot of Adam as the DJ dancing with his arms up? That was my favorite moment of the whole show.

    I did see the Palin skit on SNL. Her complete lack of gravitas was a bit shocking I thought, and I’m not easily shocked. She scares me with all of her ethical violations. Not to mention anyone that is in bed with the NRA is not someone I want potentially heading up this country. She actually fought to have concealed weapons be allowed in bars and schools. And since more than 10% of her mayoral campaign funds came from local bar owners, it is not surprising that she also worked to defeat a proposed city ordinance to close bars at 2 a.m. instead of 5 a.m. I mean, holy crap, who needs to drink till 5 in the morning? If you do, you should certainly do it at home where you won’t be a menace on the roads.

  3. Karen

    Not this week but one week, we wouldn’t mind Korean food for dinner. Saturday was very nice.

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