This Might Be the Longest

I’ve gone without updating. Sorry, everyone. I really haven’t any excuses.

To fill in the blanks…Friday C & I went to see my niece and nephew celebrate Halloween. Niece dressed as a witch, complete with sound effects (growling, claw-like hands – she’s a real ham) and nephew as a space man. It was a lot of fun to see them and to see the holiday through their eyes.

I remember the hot breath on a plastic mask (do they even make them anymore?), and the odd sound that breathing made through them, knocking on doors, being out after dark, the thrill of collecting the goodies, and then going over my loot when I got home. I also remember ‘celebrating’ Halloween growing up in England, where we were the only American family on the street or even in the housing estate (=development). My brother swears he remembers us being dressed in costume and being forced/invited to walk down Rievaulx Avenue to the first corner and back, with our English neighbours staring, bemused, through their curtains. I don’t remember it, but I may have it wrong.

I do remember the Queen’s Silver Jubilee (1977) and our house was the best decorated in the street. We had red, white and blue bunting all over and a huge picture of the Queen hung from an upstairs window. For those who don’t know (or remember) the Silver Jubilee was the celebration of the Queen’s first twenty-five years on the Throne. Our street had a street party with three-legged races, egg-and-spoon races, dancing, and a lovely tea laid on. The Lord Mayor of our town (Knaresborough, in North Yorkshire) came to visit, but I think we must have been only one of the many street parties that were being held in town that day. I did read that over 4,000 were held in London. It was lovely, and now I sound like an old man, don’t I?

For those who haven’t seen it, here’s a few pictures of Knaresborough…click on any to make it bigger:

Saturday C had to go to work so I drove him down to DC and then went to a German bakery in Arlington and got lots and lots of Laugenbroetchen – lye rolls, or rolls baked like big pretzels. I loved them from Germany and this is the only place fairly local I know of that you can get them. Mmmmmm goood. Afterwards we went and overate at Il Mee, which is a Korean barbecue place. Today we ran a few errands. Note I never said that I went to the gym. 😦 I’ve not been since Thursday. I’m sure I’ll have gained this week.

I really think I need to do more core exercises, like the ones from this website. An example is below…don’t drool, I’m being serious. However, I worry I’ll look stupid and certainly not a bit like Adam Ford (who’s demonstrating it). What do you think?

Okay, he is a bit drool-worthy… 🙂

An Insight

I had an insight the other day that rather floored me for a few moments. When C & I were in California, we went to a little town called St. Helena and to a little shop called Olivier. We had a good time in Olivier, sampling the olive oils and deciding on one we liked best (mmm a bottle of Sevillana, very fruity and strong). Now here’s the insight. I read the other day that St. Helena is an ‘upscale’ town, and that Olivier is an ‘upscale’ shop. In fact, all of the Napa Valley is ‘upscale,’ but I didn’t know that when I was there. So I was relaxed, didn’t worry about how I looked or if my clothes were ‘right’ or I was spending ‘enough’ or if I was too <low class/ugly/fat/poor/cheap/plebian> to be there. And nobody treated me like a low class ugly fat poor cheap pleb either.

(Well, one sort of did, at a winery, and I just left. I shan’t <Chateau St. Jean’s> mention which one <Chateau St. Jean’s>.)

Perhaps I should just stop the constant self-criticism and fault-finding and deprecating I do. I don’t always go to ‘upscale’ places, but I can sieze up in fear and zero-self-esteem even just crossing from plebean Prince George’s County to ‘upscale’ Montgomery County. If I go into McLean, VA, I feel I have to apologize for being there. But when I didn’t “know” I was “not good enough” I was relaxed.

I think retail therapy at Neiman Marcus is in order, don’t you?  🙂

Well, maybe not.

A movie you should watch

The Line of Beauty, which was a BBC miniseries based on the eponymous Alan Hollinghurst book about the excesses of life in Britain during the Thatcher years. Not only because it has the handsome Dan Stevens, a sort of young Hugh Grant in it (who, coincidentally enough reprises the rôle of Edward Ferrars in a 2008 remake of Sense and Sensibility)


No eye candy on this post. 😦 But one Chuck trivia piece. I was rewatching the first episode of this season and noticed the following: Right after the scene where Chuck walks in to Devon and Ellie in the shower together, in which Chuck sees enough to congratulate Devon on what God gave him, we see Chuck eating breakfast. Of cereal. The name on the cereal box? “Nuts and More.”

I’m just saying….

Oh, and I’ve been feeling really crappy about myself all day. 😦 Just the usual “I’m so worthless, absolutely no good, everyone who doesn’t hate me should.”

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  1. A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks

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