Never Rains But It Pours

Two posts in as many days??

Well, what could be the reason for all this AngloAm-erficness? Just that I wanted to catch you up on a few things….

Thing One

I did gain weight – about three pounds. 😦 So this week has to be better. Luckily nobody brought in any Halloween candy. And Weight Watchers has a new website geared to my iPhone that will make entering my points values easier on the fly. So that’s good. I did 45 minutes today at the gym, very little eye candy except Happy Dave..and then the guy in the green shirt on the shots below who wasn’t a bit difficult to look at…

Green EC at the gym 1 More of the EC img_0062 img_0066

(Click on any to see him get bigger and bigger, the big lug.)

Thing Two

I am sooo bored at work. If I don’t get something meaningful to do soon, I’ll go berserk and run amok. Today I worked, actually worked for about fifteen minutes. The rest of the day, seven hours and forty-five minutes I spent surfing the net. And since it’s at work, I couldn’t even surf porn, for goodness’ sake. I have started applying for other jobs. Thing is, once you get into one of these underutilized ruts, you start to get used to doing nothing so you actually sort of resent work intruding on your plans for wasting time, and your skills and familiarity and self-confidence go down the tubes. What do you think – should I tell my boss?

Thing Three

Adam Baldwin – yes, it’s time for a delightful dose of his deliciousness. Here is one of him looking elegant in evening wear, and two of him in rather less, all screen caps from Chuck. How would you want your Adam Baldwin, unwrappable or already unwrapped. Surely the first and you could do it at your leisure – it’d be too nice a job to rush.




The last two were from “Chuck vs. The Undercover Lover.” And I know some of you would take him any way you could get him.

And just to bring more multimedia into your life, here is a little video of a seriously beefy Adam with great arms playing around with a can of soda.

Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Make it pop!

Thing Four

Yet more eye candy, this time our mini Brazilian boy Thiago Serpa. Here the aspiring young model dons his track suit pants and plays around with his seat…click on the smaller ones to make Thiago grow.


thiago_serpa12 thiago_serpa13 thiago_serpa14 thiago_serpa17


(Where would you like him to put it?)

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