Yes, I have to dedicate myself to this and henceforth I will try to blog at least every day, even if it’s only a short phrase or two, a pithy or otherwise observation to show that I care about my readers (which I do of course!).

So let’s see, since my last update

nnp14freedomtrainerSunday was a lazy day around the homestead. Monday I went to work but as it was a “DONSA” (day of no scheduled activity) none of the military and only a few civilians were in. My next-door-cubicle friend GG even wore jeans. He looks better in jeans, sort of boyish, even though he’s four years older than me. Because we were let out 59 minutes early (supervisors can dismiss employees up to but not including one hour early) I went over to the gym (very little EC) and did sixty minutes.

Today I went to the gym really early and did quite a bit, upper body (less shoulders and much chest) and lower body (less hip abductors and adductors). Tomorrow it’ll be just cardio on the treadmill.

I need to try out shrugs, rotator cuffs and prone flyes at home (in the privacy thereof) AND to figure out how to use the ‘freedom trainer‘ at the gym. I did find this one exercise that looks pretty useful, but since the darn thing’s right in front of everyone, I have to be ready to swing the arms just perfect pretty much instantly or look a right pillock. Does anyone have any advice?

Here’s the exercise I found. Whaddaya think?


Movies You Should Watchstrange-fruit

One:  Back Soon. It’s really good, and a lovely twist on Ghost and Prelude to a Kiss. You have to overlook some rather badly developed characters and some stilted dialogue, but other than that, the plot is more developed and inventive than a lot of gay-themed indies.

Two:  Strange Fruit: Although you can see the ‘twist’ a mile off, and although I don’t really think southerners are quite as nasty as portrayed, this is a good film with some palpable tension and a handsome lead (Kent Faulcon).

I’ll have a few more recommendations (commandments really!) later.

In Keeping With the Military Theme of the Day

Here are some shots of our hunky Mr. Baldwin, from “Full Metal Jacket” and “Independence Day.” This post is pretty eye candy intensive but after the last few days I think that some of the billions…well…some of my fans might appreciate some relaxing/distracting images of manflesh on the hoof as it were:


Is it me or does South African singer Bok Van Blerk look a bit like a younger Adam Baldwin?


Go, go, Thiago!

Here, Thiago Serpa shows us how a baseball cap can set a handsome lad off just right….


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