The Gulf

The gulf between what I should do and what I actually do continues to yawn. I didn’t go to the gym this afternoon, or yesterday. 😦 Your gentle comments of disapproval would actually be welcomed.

Especially since C and I are going away for the weekend – to celebrate that I’ve not turned my toes up for another year. Not sure if I’ll get a chance to at least do cardio.

We’re going to the New Jersey shore (Somers Point) via the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, thence to Lambertville, NJ, and also to see New Hope, PA, and thence home on Sunday. (I take my breath away with multiple thences.) I hope the weather is not too horrible. We may ‘pop’ into Philly to take another stab at either Geno’s or Pat’s to get a cheese steak. Wish us luck!!!

Do You Believe in Tragic?

Well, that may be an exaggeration but I have been feeling very badly for some good friends of mine, K and D and my godson J. It seems like no matter what, life always deals them some blow that would crush me, but somehow, and I wish I knew how, just so I could bottle it, they manage to be optimistic, to carry on, and to be the locus of kindness in our little circle of friends. Lately they’ve had to contend with a botched window replacement on their house, their pool being colonized by horrible indestructable algae rendering it useless for most of summer, and now their car may have been totalled. I wish I could help them, and I wish that I could be as forward-looking as them. I don’t know about wanting to be as kind as they are – that’d be a real change in my personality. I might not know myself. But then, all my friends are good people. I’m utterly blessed and lucky and grateful that I have them. I often wonder whether, say I’d moved to Atlanta or Boston, as seemed a possibility, I’d find good friends there, and I doubt it.

This is how good they are. Years ago, when I was still a young management analyst intern, I was away from home and all alone in Atlanta on a training course on my birthday. My friends flew down from Maryland to see me. So I pick them up at the airport and take them to my hotel and they come up to the room I’m in. D (the gentleman) announces he’s not feeling well and needs to go down to the gift shop in the lobby to see if they have any medicine that might help. He’s gone ages, and I am getting worried, but K insists that he’s just found somebody to talk to or something and I shouldn’t go off looking for him. Then, in walks D with a big birthday cake, candles, and chilled champagne for me; they’d arranged it with the hotel before setting out. I still remember the way I felt – so grateful and warmed. I feel sorry for everyone who doesn’t have K and D and J and KW and CK as friends. They’re missing out.

Somebody Who Does Get His Exercise



Is Adam Baldwin. Here he is proving it, and looking as happy to do it as I am to see it! And because hirstute or glabrous, I find his chest fabulous, here’s a mash-up of his pecs. God, I even write gay, don’t I? He does hang rather well, as I see it…

Speaking of Having Less and Less On

Here’s our Brazilian Boy, Thiago Serpa, showing us that not only a shirt isn’t really necessary when you’ve the looks to carry it off.


(I so can’t believe I’m noting this but he looks a little cocky in the last one, doesn’t he?)


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2 responses to “The Gulf

  1. Karen

    No I’m blushing. . . You are certainly as kind and caring and giving as we are. And as for not letting things get to us – that’s just something we have in common. Actually if one of us is getting down, the other picks him/her up. I’m sure you and C do the same for one another. Good news is that the car probably won’t be totalled. The window people were out again Friday (visit #7) and fixed the downstairs window. The still need to replace the damaged window they installed in our room. Oh and they finally rebuilt the window sill in our room. They didn’t install it quite correctly – one side is longer than the other – but Dave can easily fix their install. Hope you had a great weekend. {{hugs}}

  2. JJ

    I would suck off Adam Baldwin and swallow his loads ANYTIME

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