As Promised

Here’s the skinny on our trip to New Jersey.

We departed our suburban town Friday morning, and drove to Rehoboth Beach, DE, and looked around the outlets. Didn’t see much but C and I got a new wallet each, and I found some pepper corns for a pepper shaker, and…um…not much else. Very very gloomy weather.

paul-on-ferryNext to the ferry over to Cape May, where the aforementioned dermatological disaster woman was revolting all and sundry. Too dark to really take many pictures but here’s one of yours truly, bit too close up for my tastes. Once we’d checked in to our hotel german-food-here1at Somers Point in New Jersey, and rested for a bit, we found recommendations for a local restaurant that served German food. We both had Wiener schnitzel with spaetzle, red cabbage, sauerkraut and German potato salad, which I washed down with a glass of Stella Artois. It was good actually. Here’s a pic of the joint.

Next day we drove up to Philly and yes, we got a cheese steak at Pat’s King of Steaks. Mmmm good, but greasy. Not too long a line, I was surprised. No pictures from there though. You really don’t have to order it in that code they like to say but we did each have “wit (h onions and) American (cheese).” I’m not fond of cheeze wizz.

From there to Lambertville, where I was miserable. It was warm, and humid and I was drenched in perspiration. 😦 I loved it that California was so dry, I could walk about all day and not look so dishevelled or worry that I appeared ‘less than fresh.’

Next day we went to the Lambertville Inn for a delicious brunch overlooking the Delaware River and then a bit of gallery shopping. We found a lovely paul-in-coffee-shopgallery, run by the artist himself, Tony LaSalle and we bought a gorgeous oil of his with sunflowers and hollyhocks and really bright colours. Take a look at his website! We stopped for coffee on Lambertville’s Bridge Street and it was very relaxing. I’d gone sour on Lambertville after the day before; it seemed so dreary but this next day, much much chillier and drier was my kind of day for walking.

Somehow we’d forgotten to reset the nav system’s preferences so when we punched in ‘home’ it routed us all along back roads. We discovered that Doylestown, PA, is really gorgeous, and that you can have the car find you a good interstate when you despair of getting home before midnight!

Word to the traveller: Maryland drivers are MEAN compared to other states and we totally lack lane discipline. If you love being passed on the right, tailgated from a distance of inches, and cursed at, you’ll love driving on I-95 in Maryland. Because I resent waiting in a two hour toll line and paying bday-boyDelaware $2.50 to drive 11 miles, we shunpiked around the tolls there.

Monday was our Army captain CH’s birthday so he got a cake from us all. Here he is, the picture of happiness.

All in all it was a great birthday weekend but I did overindulge with the eating; amazingly I lost a little over a pound. Gym Monday and Tuesday, very little eye candy to report, and this FRIGID weather means that the place was packed…as I say, not with sweaty military men. 😦 I may have blown it tonight; I had dinner at an all you can eat buffet. No worries about it in the future; it was revolting and like dining with the relatives Ma and Pa Clampett were ashamed of. I won’t be back. Should have gone to Panera.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Here’s Mr. Thiago Serpa’s ‘making of’ video. Only drool discreetly….

(Do you think he’s a “Man curvy-faced little boy brought to the site that posou cats Rio?”)

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