Sure Happy It’s Thursday

Well, not quite as good as TGIF, is it…

There’s been a lot of news about a bail out for GM and the other ‘big’ three automakers. In the middle of it was a good piece on NPR about the Tesla electric sports car. (Looks fun to drive, doesn’t it?) Apparently everyone knew two things about electric cars before the Tesla – they sucked, and they were dead. The story went on to say

“They were dead because California, under pressure from Detroit, had dropped the electric car from its zero-emissions mandate, and the Big Three manufacturers — Ford, Chrysler and General Motors — immediately shut down their electric-vehicle operations. GM recalled and crushed all of the cars it had dubbed the Ev1.

Spot the irony? It’d be different if, while asking for our money, the executives pledged not to penalize the workers for their own short-sightedness, to stop going after short term gain and not long term vision, and to maybe stop jacking the average consumer around. After all we are all in this together, aren’t we?

Another irony–it would appear that the GOP, often accused of favouring big corporations, are against this bail out, at least in the form the car companies would like it, and the Democrats are for it. However, I wouldn’t put it past our free-market friends to have some angle on all this–I’d put money on the compromise being better than the original deal.

Soon, Bush will be gone. Just keep repeating that to yourself; it’s better than Prozac.

In Other News

Not a lot really. Apparently I’m too foul-mouthed for the moderator on my South African forum, so that’s that. I’ve been suspended, but really, I think I’ll give them a bit of a wide berth for a while. All I said was that I had no sympathy for any church or group feeling consequences of the backlash swirling around Prop 8’s passage and that if you piss on me better get yourself a towel. I even spelled it p*ss. Oh, well. I seem to be p*ssing people off a lot lately.

Honestly, I don’t think this law suit will work, and I feel very sad about that, but I do think that my marriage won’t be quashed. At least I hope not. However, we can always go to Connecticut or Massachusetts.

Gorgeous Gavin Newsom was on Attractive Anderson Cooper last night, expressing more hope than certainty that right will be done. I always find it inspiring when a straight man, trained possibly to revile us gay ones, can be so supportive. Anderson has been supportive in the past too.


I Have No Witty Segue

But here’s a couple of behind-the-scenes shots of our strapping sailor, Adam Baldwin, filming the Poseidon Adventure. Must just go and make sure I’ve got it on my Netflix queue…pa3pa4maybe going down with the ship might not be such a bad thing.

Now, I May Have a Few Fans

Who were concerned about seeing so much of Thiago Serpa, recently, in his underware. While that’s not an unalloyed shame (and he certainly has nothing to be ashamed of!), I do take possible comments like this to heart and so, if you were indeed distressed by the expanses of tighty-whities, here are some views of him you might find less upsetting.


(How could you not be pleased with that?)

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  1. josue

    es lo mejor del mundo

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