Long and Lovely Weekend

It was a long and lovely weekend, and I’m in a much better frame of mind. Thursday we had a pretty good day cooking and eating our Thanksgiving meal. It was nice to do it just the two of us. (No, no Yorkshire Pudding, we had plenty without it.) The roast Brussels sprouts were so sweet like candy. Friday we ran a few errands and I did 60 minutes at the gym, and we had an enjoyable dinner with our friends. Saturday a few more errands, and I did 45 minutes at the gym, and today we did very little…except I made four loaves of white bread and one quick bread (orange cranberry with pecans).

I’m certain I’ve gained weight. Lots of butter, incessant nibbling, etc. 😦 A new week starts tomorrow.

We’ve got some of our Christmas shopping done and I got a lovely card from my old sixth grade teacher – I last saw her in 1977 in England at Aspin Park Primary School in lovely Knaresborough in Yorkshire.

Two Movies You Should See

There are two movies I can report you should see today. The first isn’t really a movie per se but a BBC Two lobminiseries that’s available on DVD called ‘The Line of Beauty.’ I can’t recommend it enough for the critical examination of simon1the hypocrasies and excesses of Thatcherite Britain in the 1980s. (Also, Dan Stevens is rather dishy.)

The second is a Dutch masterpiece called ‘Simon.’ Talk about a larger than life character and a great story about two friends who reconnect after 14 years and find that their friendship is changed and deepend with the serious illness of one. Yes, one of them is gay, but nobody has AIDS.

(I know these are good because I sat and watched them today while letting the bread rise or bake.)

Speaking of Dishy

Here’s Chris Evans who probably doesn’t overeat at Thanksgiving, does he? If you’d like to make him bigger and bigger and grow and grow, just click on the small thumbnails….



And From South of the Continent

Here’s today’s Rafael Calomeni fix. He seems to have finished taking off that dark blue suit and to have started on his creamy white unmentionables…

0490416428510004904164286000 0490416428620004904164286600 04904164286400 04904164286800 04904164287000

(Where can all this be leading?)


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2 responses to “Long and Lovely Weekend

  1. girldujour

    Here is something you might find entertaining:

    Christina Aguilera singing at 9 years old. It would be better if the audience weren’t clapping so loudly. 🙂

  2. Man, I wish you could come share some of your baking with me! I have put on a few Thanksgiving pounds too, but I figure that’s just part of the season. You have been working out plenty, so you are still keeping that muscle memory. I am glad you two just got some quality time for yourselves. I am ready for some alone time with my honey.

    Ed: I would love to; but I really only do breads of different kinds.

    It’s funny, you go for a totally different kind of hunk than I do. My husband laughs at me, because I am all about the personality (although looks don’t hurt). I like guys like Jimmy Smits, Chris Noth, and that Denny guy who died on Grey’s Anatomy. Love those big features on a guy.

    Ed: I figure the guys I post about are people I’ll never know so I can judge them entirely on their looks and what little I can tell about their personality from their appearances in the popular press. There are some people at work who aren’t very ‘good looking’ but who are attractive – that is, they are attractive as personalities. C is both cute/alluring/handsome and has a great personality so I’m lucky that way. BTW if you think I’m on a dark Latino kick, just wait until the next mini-obsession….

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