“Who the Heck are You?”

…said WP when I logged in today. I know, it’s been a long time, and I don’t really have a good reason why. Sorry.  It’s not like I have nothing to say. I never have nothing to say.

Merry Christmas

If I don’t speak/e-mail to you before tomorrow. Yes, that’s “Merry Christmas” and not the culturally correct “Happy Holidays.” I never liked that phrase, or how trees are renamed “Holiday Trees.” At my work they even rewrote Christmas Carols into “Holiday Songs” with some deft global search and replace. I gather it’s supposed to be more inclusive but trying to please everyone it winds up pleasing nobody. People who celebrate Christmas feel there is some kind of ‘war’ on them (which is exaggerated but the point stands), and people who don’t aren’t under any delusion about whose holiday is being celebrated, why there’s suddenly a tree in the office foyer or why trays of green and red goodies appear in office break rooms. I mean I don’t know what Muslims celebrate, or much about Kwanzaa, but I do know that Hannukah is a relatively minor holiday, not the “Jewish Christmas” (what a phrase!) which is elevated out of all proportion to its real significance, just to keep up with the neighbours.

Surely though it’s more correct, more thoughtful to find out what the person celebrates and wish them well on that particular holiday’s account? What are your thoughts?

Speaking of ChristmasChris Evans with Clutter, and Unwrapping Nice Things…

How about helping Chris Evans with a little unwrapping – he’s been nice enough to help you get started!

We’re nearly ready chez nous; all we have to do is wrap the presents tonight. I hope C likes what I got him; I never seem to pick good gifts, in comparison to what he (and others) give me. We’ve not put up a tree this year, same as last year.  I do like trees but we have some issues with what we have as far as trees go.

See, we could either put one up in the living room – we have two for the purpose, but even the narrow one we bought takes up so much room and is awkward. Or we could put one up in the den but that’s no good either. To explain, quite some time ago, we had our basement finished and made a den, a bathroom, an office and a huge pantry/laundry room. We put a lovely enormous wide screen HD LCD TV down there, 52 inches, wireless home theater system and all, and a wet bar/sort of kitchenette (sink, fridge, microwave, cabinets), a leather sofa and lounge chair, and coffee tables and stuff. C was very creative; he hit on the idea of using kitchen cabinets as a long sideboard to have the TV on, with lots of storage underneath. They’re wood grained so they don’t look kitchen-y, if you know what I mean.

Since then we’ve hardly used the room. I’ve watched one (precisely one) movie down there. In front of the TV there are boxes of … well … crap that we need to stop kidding ourselves we’ll “go through” one day and just chuck. I mean if they’ve sat a year or more, it’s a good sign that what’s in them is not needed, don’t you think?

All this means that when we do watch movies we watch them on the non-HD TV upstairs. Why’s that significant? Well, because a 32 inch HD LCD TV has been sitting in the junk room spare bedroom for over a year, waiting for us to get our thumbs out of various regions and ‘redo’ the living room, including getting rid of the current TV and wall unit, ripping up the dingy carpet and having the lovely hardwood floors we found underneath restored to their honey glowing oak glory, and getting a new wall-unit to accomodate the lovely new TV and home theater for upstairs. I can tell you that our clutter looks a bit like Chris Evans’s here…but he decorates clutter much much better.

We are not your typical home decorating queens are we? Oh well. Perhaps I adhere to the Quentin Crisp theory of keeping house. But seriously, so much lovely equipment going unused gets to me. Until I get home and don’t feel like working, or am home and feel much the same way. Watch this space for some relevant resolutions.

All that means that the downstairs den is not a good place for a tree either.

A Heavy Issue

Not been to the gym in ages. Overeating a bit. Okay, a lot. 😦  I’m sure I’ve gained again. I also know the reason – too many calories in, not enough out. I do have one excuse – I was going back to the gym, all was well and sweaty and then I got really sick last week. I mean sleep in bed all day bemoan my fate sick. That kept me away for a few days, and then this week has been so busy…well Monday I was lazy, last night I had an appointment with my consellor and this arvo I’ll be busy (wrapping).

My counsellor and I discovered that my eating may be partially due to a fantasy that eating something special (i.e., anything) will make me ‘special’ and cause me to transcend my current life to one where everything is marvellous and fantastic and all my problems are solved. I think that’s a big part of it. I always felt ‘different’ (lots of people do) and I think if I had to be different I wanted to be special – without the work of developing skills in athletics or much study (the former because I am lazy physically, the latter because studying and class work was always too easy…in a way, I’m lazy there too).sk

I need to make time either Friday or Saturday to get back, especially as during the interweek the gym closes early some days and it will be difficult to get in after work.

It’s really stupid because I have a seasons of the “Real Housewives of Orange County” on my iPod to watch while walking. I love that show. Even with the departure of sexy Shane Keough, I still love it. I don’t think I could live there, though, they seem too driven and superficial in public. In private I don’t know, but in public, the fear of growing old (and dying) or seeming to have less than others have or less than you had last year I would think would be unsettling to see up close.

I should probably use eye-candy like ole Shane over there and Chris Evans and all as inspiration. I mean they didn’t come out of a box that way, did they?

I think that’s all for now. I will try to post a bit later on today after I’ve gone through acres of wrapping paper to badly, skill-lessly wrap pressies. I’ll be back to talk about our AngloAm family Christmas arrangements, I ‘spect…meanwhile while you wait, breathless and in suspense, why not check out the Worldmapper site? It shows ‘distorted’ maps of the countries of the world, re-sizing each country according to the subject of interest. For example, here is a map where countries’ sizes correspond to the number of people living on a purchasing power of less than one dollar a day…you can quite clearly see where the reservoirs of misery are.


(I don’t have a cute quip – I am lucky enough to have lived in one of the nearly invisible countries all my life.)

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One response to ““Who the Heck are You?”

  1. Merry Christmas to you! I agree with you on holiday wishes. I try to customize them to the particular person. Interesting theory on the overeating. I think for me it’s that there was never quite enough when I was growing up (six kids, not much money), so eating a lot is comforting, because it makes me feel like things are okay. I tend to eat a lot more in times of financial stress unfortunately, because it somehow makes me feel “rich” on a visceral level. I tend to eat like I’ll never come across food this good again.

    That said, enjoy your Christmas and worry about the rest in the new year! 🙂

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