Nearly The Big Day!

Well, Santa’s departed his icy home; NORAD‘s been tracking him and I think he’s entered North American air space. We can only wish him best of luck and thank the guys and girls at NORAD for this vital Santa service.

Now you’re going to think I’m a terrible softie, but each year, when I read about NORAD, who has a very important mission keeping us all safe in the US and Canada, taking the time to track Santa through the North Warning System, special Santa Cams and Santa fly-bys from the Canadian and American air forces, and making sure to keep kids and parents updated (apparently intelligence indicates that while Santa visits all good boys and girls, he has a special children sleep detector and only actually leaves presents when the children are asleep), it makes me tear up. See, our Soldiers and Sailors and Airmen are humans, human enough to take the time to do this, and they report it’s their favourite duty. As long as we have such people in service to the country, I feel good and proud of them. I am not a big flag waver but…there are more than a few things I can get all weepy about. The Berlin Airlift, Martin Luther King, the Miranda decision, the ACLU, Brown vs. Board of Eduation, the Highway Beautification Act, that sort of thing.

Oh, well. Call me sentimental.

Merry Christmas.

See you soon.

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