On the Down Curve

Yes, on the down curve from the Christmas crazies. Christmas Day at my brother and sister-in-law’s house was actually pretty good. I’m terribly shy and she had her brother (and wife and two kids) and her other brother, plus her parents and mine; there were a lot of people I didn’t know. That normally spells trouble and social awkwardness – yes even at 43 I am not gracious and at ease with people I don’t pc250081know. I’m always jealous of people who are, but there you go. S-I-L’s brother ‘I’ was a lot of fun to talk to (and cute in a fur-bally goofy kind of way) and her even-younger brother ‘R’ was also okay to talk to but perhaps a bit reserved. Or stand-offish. I guess when you’re 26 it’s not much fun to be sat next to an old fat fairy, but he was pleasant enough. I’m a bit jealous of ‘I’ as he works in a field that interests me greatly – environmental way finding.

The dinner was nice, but my brother had to go to the Emergency Pediatric Center with my niece who was feeling poorly but all turned out well in the end. Here’s a picture of her with my S-I-L preparing the repast.

Boxing Day we got together at my parents house for a substitute Christmas. It was okay. This was the day when we exchanged presents.

How was your loot? I got some great movies, a really good book about one of my favourite artists, Piet Mondrian, a lovely hand-crocheted blanket and some really good gift cards, among other things. I hope that everyone I gave to was pleased. I had the most fun shopping for my niece and nephew. If you’re guessing from my lack of enthusiasm that I was not, well, enthusiastic about this Christmas, you’re right. The bright points were seeing my family, meeting my S-I-L’s family and spending not one but two parties with friends. It’s people that count, really. Although I do have to admit, C & I are shopping around for a digital photo frame! (Any suggestions?)

Back to Work

pa240007And Monday’s Weight Watcher’s weigh in. I skipped last week’s. Bad move. I gained three pounds in two weeks. Yikes. I didn’t go tonight (scared I’d make a fool of myself, etc., etc., etc., the same old BS story) but I’d better go tomorrow evening. After all, the sweat and eye candy are calling, no? Work was interesting. Our birthday boy, CH, here, is ‘in pb170063charge’ but even he couldn’t stop an operation order I wrote from being plagiarized shamelessly by another command, and sloppily too (they didn’t even change a thing, including my freaking name and contact details). I reported it and can’t wait to see what will happen next. Speaking of happenings at Fort Meade, here’s a shot from fall of when a dignitary (we think President Bush) visited the base, landing on the parade field outside my office building (and kicking everyone out of their parking lots). It might have been Dick Chaney, too, but none of the Secret Service agents seemed to get their faces blown off and we weren’t sucked into the molten heart of hell, so it probably wasn’t. Who do you think it was? It’s still the lovely, quiet “interweek” when we have little or no adult supervision (shhh don’t tell CH who thinks he’s got some power or other). The only downside is that come a week from today (Monday) management will be back with all the bright ideas they’ve cooked up at home, away from the office and reality, and we will have to gently, respectfully, kindly, explain to them how useless they are. Oh for patience. Or for infinite sick leave!

Speaking of Landings

Please watch this as you consider the daily dose of news about the ‘humanitarian situation’ in Gaza. Imagine it were your children playing at a school event when an air-raid like drill goes off and they have to run for their lives. Now imagine the world told you that your country doing anything at all to defend you and your little ones from this was an act of condemnable cruelty. That you, essentially, should put up with it, more, that you should trust the people doing this to you. Would you? Would you care one tinker’s dam what the rest of the world said when your kids were under missile attack?

Phew, We Need to Change the Mood

If only because nobody’s shelling us at the moment. What might lift our spirits is our current obsession, Mr. Chris Evans himself. Here he is in a sort of reverse of the shot from Christmas, still needing to be unwrapped, slowly (it’s too nice a job to rush):


And Not to Forget Rafael Calomeni

Who’s apparently stepped, shivering and dripping, from the pool and is towelling himself off for us…









(He is definitely ready for his close-up)

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One response to “On the Down Curve

  1. That is a sweet photo of your sister-in-law and neice. I’m glad she ended up being okay. Aren’t family holidays so stressful sometimes? I do pretty well faking it with new people. I find if I smile and act friendly (no matter how I feel) that people react accordingly and sometimes I make a new friend. In the worst case situation, at least I know it wasn’t me being unfriendly. About the standoffish younger man, maybe he is shy too. That is true surprisingly often.

    Three pounds is nothing over the holidays! I have gained seven since Thanksgiving, but I know it is hanging out at the in-laws’ where all anyone does is eat and watch movies. Once we get back to our daily lives it will be fine.

    Oooh! That last guy is definitely an eyeful!!

    Ed: Thanks for the good thoughts, Beka. I’m starting to do better on the weight loss thing. 🙂 You’re right about needing to get into the swing of things.

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