Back to work, back to routine, back to reality. Not that that’s always so bad.

Ringing it in

I had the best New Years I’ve had in ages, perhaps because it was so low key. C & I went to our good friends’ house and from there to a nice Italian restaurant. Back at their place, we had a nice time, a sedate bottle of champers, and some nice conversation. We didn’t stay late mostly because it’s a 48 mile drive back across the bay from Kent Island, Maryland, where they live.

Since Then

Well since then we’ve done very little, except now that the new year’s here, and getting going, we’re a lot more busy. I guess that’s a good thing. Mum and dad are in Florida for their peregrination annual, although whether or not they eventually move there is up in the air. If the cold damp of today, and the threats of icing tonight are a harbinger of a cold wet winter, I can’t blame then for moving; could you?

Dinner last night at a really nice Peruvian chicken house, I swear they put crack in their roast pollo a la brasa. Mmmm yuca too. For the Friday night gathering we splurged on AYCE Korean barbecue (Ill Mee) in Annandale; bulgogi, kalbi, ddukbogi, jon, sushi, all delicious. I love Korean food. I must get around to making budaejigae some day. Yeah, yeah, I know – I’ve been saying that for ages.

But It is Really Cold Outside

Do you think Chris Evans could melt you like he did this ice?


Yeah, yeah, I know – crappy segue. That’s what comes from being tired, cranky, and sometimes, being me is enough. Ah well. I did 60 minutes on the treadmill, I am (trying) to download some more episodes of ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’ (God I envy them their weather, but not the raccoon eyes (Vicky) or the leathery skin, immobile bo-toxed eyebrows and fat collagen lips (all of ’em).) (I bet they’d envy my winning ways with parenthetical remarks (don’t you think?).)

And Introducing

Our newest ‘mini’ obsession although model Matus Valent, from Slovakia, is hardly a tiny bite of a bloke. Here he is in a tribute to James Bond, in honor, I guess of “Quantum of Solace” or something. Who cares, right – he’d give anyone a view to a on the thumbnails to make our big boy even bigger! enjoy the full set of shots at full size because I can’t figure out how to make them thumbnails.







(Excuse the cheezy quote from the picture source and who’d like to blow his…bubble?)


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2 responses to “Back

  1. Karen

    I was thinking about Peruvian Chicken for Friday’s dinner. I know it’s only Wednesday, but. . ..

    We had a good time New Year’s Eve, too. I still get a thrill out of watching the ball drop.

  2. I’m so glad your New Year’s was good! And Peruvian chicken sounds wonderful! Now I’m hungry. Good for you on the treadmill! We are going to check out the local YMCA tomorrow, because they just remodeled and are having an open house.

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